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F2P Double Prince Deck That Got Me from 2K Trophies to 4.3K Trophies

Ever since 2000 trophies, I have only used one deck, which I made myself. I find it to be the most versatile and adaptable deck I have ever come across. It doesn't really fall under any known archetype, because it utilizes multiple archetypes. These include: Zap-Bait, Chip Cycle, and control. I managed this versatility by making the most of the 8 card slots allowed.
My Deck:

Dark Prince (4), Prince (4), Goblin Barrel (4), Musketeer (7) Spear Goblins (9), Arrows (10), Barbarians (11) and Minion Horde (11). I am currently at 4K-4.3k with it.
This deck is unique because it doesn't really have a kill card. If I had to choose one, the Goblin Barrel usually does the most damage. However, if you find that your opponent has several counters to your Barrel, you can push with Double Prince, or even Barbs-Prince. This is what makes my deck so versatile; there are many ways to win.
Card Breakdown
Spear Goblinsare one of the most versatile cards in the game. I can use them to distract high DPS units like the Mini PEKKA, or use them to take down 3 minions. They can be used to assist a Goblin Barrel, making a 5 elixir mini-push that must be answered. They also do decent chip damage, dealing 300 damage if left unchecked.
Replacements: Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Goblin Gang.
are mainly to take out big hordes of troops, such as Skeleton Army and Minion Horde. However, always be wary when using your arrows, as they are the only hard counter to Minion Horde and Skarmy in this deck. Be sure you aren't taking their bait.
Replacements: Zap, Fireball, Poison
I synergize my
Goblin Barrel with any meaty card in my deck. If left alone, a Barrel can do 769 damage to a tower at tournament standard, which is more than a maxed Rocket! It can be used to bait spells that would otherwise be used on my Horde.
Replacements: Miner, Graveyard.

Musketeer is another versatile defensive card, that is easily turned into a counter-push. It has a range of 6 tiles, and 176 damage per shot at level 7, making it one of the most powerful defensive/supporting units in the game. I use the Musketeer to assist in taking down almost all pushes that the enemy sends, including Giants, Lava Hounds, Golems, and Royal Giants. After taking down the push, I protect my Musketeer with either prince, Barbs, or even a Barrel.
Replacements: Ice Wizard, Wizard, Bowler, Electro-Wizard.
Let's be honest. The
Dark Prince sucks. However, his unique charge-shot and speed combined with his area damage makes him a keystone in my deck. I use the Dark Prince to tank for a Goblin Barrel. This Dark Prince-Barrel push catches your opponent off guard, and they will usually only respond to one threat, leaving the other unchecked. The Dark Prince does decent damage if it gets to a tower, especially if it gets a charge off. I also use the Dark Prince to push with his brother in a Double-Prince push. I also use him to bait Zap (to stop his charge). Finally, the Dark Prince is decent as defense, especially against Barbs.
Replacements: I wouldn't suggest replacing the DP, but if you must, use Hog Rider, Valkarye, or Bowler.
Princecan be used much like the Dark Prince in this deck, but is better on defense against Hogs and tanks. He also serves as more bait for Zap.
Replacements: Mini PEKKA, Bowler.
Barbarians are an amazing overall defensive card that can clean up Hogs, Giants, and other tanks. At tourney standard, they completely shut down Hogs, and shred other tanks. Then, paired with a Prince, they turn into a powerful counter-push. In addition, as a F2p, they are the easiest defensive card to level up, since they are common. I realize that overleveled Barbs can be frustrating, but consider my position: I can’t possibly use other rare or epic defensive cards because they would be severely underleveled.
Replacements: Elite Barbs (hesitantly), Bowler
Minion Horde is another great defensive card. I find it to be the most reliable DPS in the game. It’s DPS is second only to Skarmy, and it survives Zap. In addition, when you deploy a defensive Horde, even if your opponent has a good reaction time, the Horde deals 1638 damage before the Arrows reach them. That’s enough to kill a Hog. I also use the Horde to bait spells that would otherwise have been used on my Barrel.
Replacements: Skarmy, Minions.
None of my cards are above 5 elixir, so I always have a response to anything my opponent plays. In addition, I have no defensive buildings; I see them as a wasted deck slot because they cannot be turned into counter pushes. Also, Royal Giant out-ranges everything.
Some of my Main Pushes:
-Either Prince with Barrel
-Double Prince
-Either Prince with Barbs
-Either Prince tanks for Horde (assuming opponent has no hard counters in hand)
-Horde Barrel
-Naked Barrel
-Spear Gobs (for chip damage)

Countering all of the Archetypes:
Hog Cycle:
Use your Barbs and Horde to counter the Hog. If it is deployed with an Ice Spirit, use Spear Gobs to make the Spirit waste itself. Try to bait out their zap, then play Goblin Barrel, usually with either Prince to tank for it.
Use your Barbs to defend their killcard (usually a tank) and then pair them with either Prince for a deadly counter-push. Be sure to hover your arrows in case of Skarmy or Minions. If your opponent plays a tank, or any other big elixir commitment, counter-push the opposite lane with Dark Prince Barrel, neither of these cards are good against tanks, and they must be answered by a supporting unit that would have gone behind their tank.
Use your Barbs against Royal Giant, they shred him. Then, pair them with a Barrel, and they turn into a counter-push. Against Xbow or Mortar, use your Horde. They move quicker, and your opponent will likely have little time to respond.
Zap Bait:
Play conservatively. Don’t use your arrows on anything put their Horde unless absolutely necessary. They will most likely defend your Barrel with Skarmy, so keep that in mind. If your Arrows are out of rotation when they play Horde, defend with your own Horde. Your Prince will be fairly useless in this match up.
Make sure you have a good rotation. Allow as little chip damage as possible; Control decks are meant to chip you down and control your cycle.
Deck That my Deck Counters Best:
Lava Hound. Musketeer, Spear Gobs, Horde, and Arrows shred the Hound and it’s pups. In addition, when they deploy a hound, simply deploying a Barrel makes them decide if they want to take the 769 damage, or respond, and end up with an under-supported Hound.
Decks That my Deck Sometimes Struggles Against:
3 Muskies. My deck has no high damage spell, and it’s only area damage is Dark Prince. However, if you can get your Barbs on top of your opponent’s muskies, and play smart, it’s certainly possible to win. It’s just harder.
The Element of Surprise:
My deck is very off-meta; I use both Princes, Spear Gobs, and Arrows instead of Fireball, Zap or Log. One of the key advantages of playing off-meta is the element of surprise. Many people simply aren’t ready for cards like the Dark Prince. I use this to my advantage with pushes like Dark Prince-Barrel. Surprise makes reaction time slower, which is fatal against a Barrel.
Rising Stock (Buy, Buy, Buy!)
Another advantage of playing an off-meta deck is that some of the cards in it will inevitably be buffed. I am expecting buffs to both Princes, and possibly Spear Goblins and Arrows. My deck has received nothing but buffs since created (eg Barrel reduced from 4 to 3 elixir), and I expect more to come in the near future.
Overall, my deck is an off-meta deck that is very fun to play. It isn’t very viable unless all of the cards in it are tournament standard, but it is very powerful. If you’re on a losing streak, or looking for a new deck, try this one out. I think you’ll like it. Side-note: I will be posting card guides on all the remaining cards in this deck very soon. If you have any questions comments, or concerns, please let me know.

 TboltCR for sharing such an informative guide with us, this deck first appeared on reddit.

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