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12 Wins Electro Wizard Challenge with the Ultra Defense Deck

My Deck

This deck is super easy to play, and rarely loses. It got me twelve wins in a row without a loss.

Those two losses were trying X-bow (BTW, it doesn't work).

How to Play the Deck:
This deck is super defensive and designed to simply decimate Elite Barbarians. The entire game, try to have a Furnace out in this position:

This should draw building-targeters from both lanes. Then, stall by placing Ice Golems, Bowlers, and Electro Wizards behind your King Tower. Wait for them to make the first move. Then, if they drop any sort of high HP troop, use Elite Barbarians or Barbarians to take it out.

You do not generally want to support any counter-push other than supporting Elite Barbarians with an Ice Golem or Spells. This will let you save elixir to continue not taking damage. Your troops will deal a small mount of damage to the tower, and that is enough.

Your main damage will come from Furnace, leftover troops from defense, and lastly, spells. With six minutes to play, you need to take every chance to chip that tower. Always play Fireball on an Electro Wizard next to a tower, and always place The Log near enough to the bridge to hit the tower. One game, against a double seige player, I won with three seconds of overtime left, only having dealt tower damage with spells. Seriously, if their tower is close, and you don't need the spells for any specific threats, start spamming them.
And that's it. Play super defensively hoping first for a draw, with a win as the side goal, and you should do fine. Thanks for reading, and comment below with any questions. I'm about to go again to get my Electro Wizard level two.

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