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First Try, 12 Win, Electro Wizard Challenge Deck and Walkthrough [Deck Attacked]

Hey guys! abrownbag here showing off my: "Electric Bait n' Switch" deck<3
Since the start of the even 6 people, myself included, have gotten 12 wins in the event! Please post your, success, failure, thoughts, and questions below! I'll do my best to address each and everyone one of them.
My Deck

* Zap * Ice Golem * Archers * Skeleton Army * Fireball * Electro Wizard * Graveyard * Elite Barbarians Average Elixir cost: 3.6
Main Strategy:
The deck has two main push combos. 1. Ice golem at bridge, graveyard on tower in yarns position, fireball at the ready for your enemies counter card. 2. Elite barbs used to counter a push(Giant, RG, etc), Ice golem placed in front of barbs aka at bridge, and then zap at the ready to stop any counters.
Having these two main pushes allows you to use cards in the other push for defense or cycle to ensure you have the required cards for the other. Both pushes can be done without having to play anything at the back if you have 10 elixir. My main goal is to let my opponent waste a card on one lane and punish them by using a devastating combo mentioned above. In most cases you shouldn't play first with this deck or attempt to make a huge combo if you know your opponent has max elixir.
The deck has a lot of counter potential and trick plays that can be used to win games. Here's a few off the top of my head:
-After Taking one tower, play graveyard right IN THE MIDDLE of second tower, then Ice golem at the center of your opponents base. This lets gYard ramp and IG take the two tower hits for maximum damage

-After Taking one tower, counter an enemy push then elite barbarians at the center of your opponents base! They are surprisingly tanky and will make it to tower more often than not. even if your opponent counters well the leftover troops from your counter should get in some poke.

-If you're out of rotation Ice Golem in front of Electro Wizard can be a devastating push and help get those power cards like graveyard and elite barbs to hand.

-Split archers in the back at 10 elixir, then elite barbs at 10 again, then ice golem at bridge at whatever side they chose not to counter. Archers actually pig push elite barbs past towers making it really annoying to deal with.

Most decks in CR have ONE win condition...
This deck works by mainly baiting your opponent into expecting one combo and you hit them with the other. It's hard enough to deal with graveyard let alone some beefy barbs when you just preemptively wasted your archers ;]
Your bloody weaknesses and what to do about it:
1. Getting out cycled(Giant+Graveyard or Zap/Bait) If you're playing against zap bait or giant/graveyard deck you have the potential to get out cycle (hog too but electro wizard stops it pretty hard and then you can counter combo push so I don't consider it a hard matchup). Then you need to put your opponent on the ropes and fast. The best way to handle these decks is by making sure you throw THEM out of rotation. Stop that freaking giant on THEIR side with a quick ice golem + graveyard combo when they drop it in the back. Trade towers against the zap bait who can't take that second tower as fast as you. The key here is make sure that even if your deck costs a little much your opponent wont be able to play their combos at the right time. It's okay to get out cycle and be down elixir if your opponent never has combo in hand. They'll be forced to waste elixir for combo and put you back in the lead<3

2. Lavahound Yeh thats matchup sucks pretty hard... I mean Electro Wizard and Archers are your only air counters that aren't spells. HOWEVER you do have one advantage... and that's your elixir to damage output baby. As soon as I see the hound I'm cycling to Ice Golem and Elite barbs right away! Hound drops? Rush for that 3 crown with IG, eBarbs, and Spell at the ready! Lavahound is useless by itself, and if your opponent is too worried about countering to stay alive they won't be able to combo effectively to win the game<3
Main Takeaway From Challenge: -It's going to take awhile before people comfortable playing Electro Wizard effectively! So play it safe and drop that puppy in the back as a counter card. (Her shredds Elite Barbs and Hogs). Focus on the main OP combos you already know and walk away with your new legendary fam!
Okay that was a lot! But feel free to leave me comments below and I'll fix whatevers needed. Time to grab some Zzz's

abrownbag for sharing such a helpful deck guide with us.

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