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F2P Elite Barb and Hog Rider Deck for Arena 9-10

After the most recent balance changes the Elite Barbarians received a massive buff. They were also in all but 1 deck in the Crown Duel Tournament on December 17th. So I decided to try a no legendary, Hog "Cycle" deck. It's a little expensive for a Cycle deck, but it's a great pig push deck.

Here's The Deck:

Hog Rider
Mega Minion
Ice Golem
Freeze Spell
Elite Barbarians

The first thing I want to cover is the deck's weakness, and how this deck could evolve to address that. 

This deck really doesn't offer much to defend against the Graveyard Spell. Realistically, the freeze spell isn't needed as the Ice Golem is great to use with the Hog, or an Elite Barbarian push. If I were to replace anything, it would be the Freeze Spell. Adding in Archers or 3 elixir Minions would be great. Lowering the average cost of this deck while providing some additional defense, plus a counter to the Graveyard Spell and Lava Hound Decks.

Match Start:
I usually try to start by placing my Furnace, but if it isn't in my starting hand I'll place an Ice Golem or split Elite Barbs behind my King Tower. Splitting the Elite Barbs puts 3 elixir in each lane and allows me to defend both towers or set up a pig push on the side of my choosing. 

Furnace (4 Elixir)
Ice Golem - Mega Minion (5 Elixir)
Elite Barbarians (6 Elixir)
Fireball - Zap 
(6 Elixir)
Freeze - Mega Minion (7 Elixir)

As an expensive Hog Deck, it is crucial to save elixir throughout the match. Your primary defensive cards are Furnace, Mega Minion and Elite Barbs. Playing the Furnace in the center any time you can keeps your opponent from their own pig pushes and allows you to conserve elixir over time to drop a Mega Minion and Ice Golem to defend. Or your Elite Barbs as they are powerful and can take out any ground tank fairly quickly. You also have the Fireball Zap combo for 3 Musketeers and if things get real desperate, Freeze and Mega minion always works well.

Hog Rider - Ice Golem (6 Elixir)Elite Barbarians (6 Elixir)
Elite Barbarians - Ice Golem (8 Elixer)
Hog Rider - Freeze Spell (8 Elixir)

Obviously there are more combos, but these are the ones I have the most success with. Ice Golem and Hog push has been well known for a while and works great when your opponent counters with Skarmy, Gobs or any defensive structure. If they use a defensive structure, make sure to have Fireball, Zap or Mega Minion to help the push take out the structure. Surprisingly, Bare Elite Barbs work really well. Even if they're countered with Minions, they'll still get to the tower and get some good hits in. I like to split my Elite Barbs while my opponent has 3 towers, but once I destroy one I drop bare Elite Barbs in the middle on my opponents side. If your opponent isn't ready for it, you're guaranteed to get some major damage on their tower. 

The Ice Golem and Elite Barb or Hog Freeze pushes are quite expensive and should be your opening push when elixir is maxed, or saved for double elixir. It's just to risky to expend 8 elixir at any other time. 

Side notes: 
-Timing your push with your furnace can add an extra 400+ damage or some "push defense". 
-Counter pushing is overwhelming. ideal situation: RG is coming for ya. Drop a Furnace to distract. Drop Elite Barbs or Ice Golem/Mega Minion combo to kill off the RG. Once RG dies, drop your Hog. Boom. Hog/Elite Barbs/Fire Spirits or Hog/Ice Golem/Mega Minion/Fire Spirits are en route to the opponents tower. And that's just nuts.

Here is the visual breakdown of the deck and how I use it:

Thanks LackLusterGamingYT for sharing the useful deck with us, it first appeared in Supercell Forum.

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