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Non-Meta Double Siege Deck for Arena 8-9 (4200+)


This deck is very strong. It focuses on pressuring your opponent by constantly pressuring them with siege weapons.
Mortar: The main win condition of the deck, along with X-Bow. Primary source of damage before double elixir. It has a blind spot, allowing it to shoot while being attacked by a melee unit unlike X-Bow. I often place the mortar like this to pull hogs or soak damage while still targeting the crown tower to get that valuable chip damage. The mortar can also be used defensively to help deal with a furnace, soak damage, or pull tanks for large pushes.
X-Bow: A second win condition. The X-Bow usually doesn't see as much play as the mortar early on, but I like bringing it out when mortar is out of hand or I feel like I have lots of elixir to commit to an extra big push. I also use it frequently in double elixir to pressure my opponent, usually supported by an ice golem and another low/medium cost card (archers, MM, fireball or zap). An X-Bow with a sliver of health (like the amount it has after being hit by an rocket 3 levels higher) can still do over 500 damage!
Inferno Tower: Defensive building for shredding big tanks and sometimes hog riders. Can be played in the front aggressively to defend a X-Bow or Mortar, or can be played to help shred their tank. If I have a surviving inferno tower (even if it isn't up front) I like to do a cheap mortar push (Usually mortar and Ice Golem). Inferno will clean up the troops they use to kill your mortar.
Ice Golem: Great for killing Skeleton armies, pulling troops, and soaking hits for your siege weapons. I'll often send an ice golem in front of my siege push so I have time to react to whatever card they play. Also good if you need to cycle.
Mega Minion: Good for defending your siege weapon against air troops. It can also help kill the support of a push, and is a cheap defensive card to help you when in a pinch. I often send this out with my siege weapon when ice golem is out of rotation. It's great for killing cheap troops or air used to kill your siege weapon, and can also be used to take out an inferno tower trying to kill your X-Bow. Also the main anti-air of the deck along with Archers.
Good for defense and can easily turn into a counterpush. Can also take out minions or minion horde (if the horde has already been weakened by ice golem). It also is a steady source of damage for taking out a tank, cheap units, or a hog rider. It can't be logged in tourney standard.
Fireball: Fireball comes in handy for cycling for the win, defending large pushes, and defending your mortar. Fireball can kill barbs if the mortar has already hit them once. It is also great for taking out Minion Horde or other large swarms on your tower/siege weapon.
The Log: Has wonderful synergy with both the mortar and X-Bow. Can take out many cheap ground swarms like skeleton army, and its pushback can be useful in many situations. It can also kill pesky Tombstones distracting your mortar or X-Bow if you have lowered the tombstone's health enough.
Use mortars to pressure your opponent and for good chip. Try to keep up an elixir advantage, and keep steady pressure.
Defend for positive trades using Archers, Mega Minion, Inferno Tower, and sometimes mortar. If you have enough troops and elixir, you can turn your leftover troops into a counterpush.
Once double elixir starts, be more aggressive with pressure. Try to keep them from building up a push. Use Mortars and X-Bows to keep your opponent occupied with countering you.
Royal Giant: Remember, they only have one RG and you have two siege weapons. Wait until they use their RG, and defend with your inferno tower and/or cheap troops (MM and/or Archers). Try to then attack with a siege push when their RG is at the back of their cycle. Try not to play X-Bow if they have RG in their hand.
Hog Rider: Try to pressure them often, hopefully breaking through with your X-Bow or Mortar. Mortars can be used defensively to pull hogs while attacking the tower. Always try to keep a solid counter to their hog push in your hand so they don't break through.
Bowler Graveyard: This matchup is tough. Try to keep the pressure on them, and try not to let them build up a graveyard push (easier said than done). If they do build up a graveyard push, use your archers to defend. Use your MM to kill their bowler. Try not to play X-Bow if they have bowler in hand.
Lava Hound: They don't have many counters to siege. Anticipate their counters, usually air, with Mega Minion, Archers, or Fireball. Know their counters and counter their counters to break through with an X-Bow or mortar. They also eventually have to commit seven elixir to a LH push. Use this temporary elixir advantage to pressure them with an X-Bow or Mortar push. Defend with your inferno tower and mega minion, sometimes using fireball.
That's it! I recently used this deck to place second in the Reddit vs. Forums qualifier, beating many experienced players who were using a variety of decks. It is a very fun deck to play and I hope this guide is helpful. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment!
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