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Strong Hog Rider + Barb Hut + 3 Musky deck for Ladder & Tourneys!

Hello Clashers! This is KairosTime, bringing you an extremely strong deck for both the ladder and in tournament gameplay! Even with only level 7 rares I'm able to use this deck above 4k trophies by being very careful about when I play my 3 Musketeers. My first time using this deck I took it to round 8 of a challenge, and since then, I've only gotten better!


The Deck:





The Log -> You can definitely replace The Log for Zap or Ice Spirit. Neither of these work exactly like The Log does, but if you don't have The Log, you can definitely make the deck successful without it.
Ice Golem -> He can be replaced with the Knight. This costs 1 more elixir, but can be a good option, especially if your Ice Golem isn't leveled up all the way.


Opening Hand:
One of the trickiest things to do with this deck is decide on what to use from your opening hand. In my experience, the best card to have in your opening hand is the Barbarian Hut. Place it 3 tiles in front of your King's tower so it will both spawn defensive troops and act as a defensive shield in case your opponent has a Hog Rider. If that isn't an option, I'd go for a single Hog Rider push to find out what counters your opponent has. You can try to risk using the 3 Musketeers and split them in front or behind your king's tower as your first move but that can be a risky move, especially if you don't know what counters your opponent has.


On Offense:


This deck takes a slower approach to offense than most Hog Rider decks do. It utilizes the dual win conditions of the Hog Rider paired up with support or the 3 Musketeer split push to really test your opponent's defensive abilities. Almost always, you want to play the Barbarian hut on the lane that your opponent is most likely going to pressure. They might rush the other lane so be ready to defend with either the Archers or the Mega Minion.


By placing the Barbarian Hut you can force your opponent to attack you when you're ready for him. After defending, you can pair up your Hog Rider with 2 Barbarians coming down the lane so that one of the barbarians will soak up damage for your Hog Rider as well as offer support.


The other great push you can do is the Split push with the 3 Musketeers. Place the 3 Musketeers in the middle of your side of the arena in order to split them into 2 groups (1 Musketeer, and 2 Musketeers). If I have enough Elixir, I'll support the single Musketeer with the Ice Golem and Mega Minion to make things really difficult on your opponent. If you don't have that much elixir, use the Log to weaken defending troops that will likely be placed onto one of the groups of your Musketeers


On Defense:


Your Barbarian Hut is one of your greatest defenses because of how much HP it has. I'll use it to tank against Giants and let the barbarians that come out of it take out the Giant. If you pair up these Barbarians with additional support like the Archers or Mega Minion, you can even take out the Giant before he's taken too much HP off your hut and then counter with a really strong push with the Ice Golem as a mini tank.


You can use the 3 Musketeers on defense but I wouldn't recommend it. By using the Three Musketeers on defense, you make it very easy for your opponent to clear them using The Lightning or Fireball. Instead, it is better to use your Ice Golem as a distraction troop and your Mega Minion to clear supporting troops. By doing this, you set yourself up for a great counter push!


I hope you enjoyed this guide! If you're looking for more high quality content, deck building tips, and strategy in the game, check out my YouTube channel for frequent uploads and great content! We'll see you in the Arena!




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