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Clash Royale: Recommended Combos for Clone Spell

Hey guys and gals Galbers Gaming here, I have been playing around with the Clone Spell for a few hours now and as well as having a lot of fun I have surprisingly been able to maintain my ladder position despite testing out the Clone Spell. My view on the Clone Spell is that it is effective and a tonne of fun to use which is awesome!


Top units to clone

Lava Hound - We are going to be seeing a lot more Lava Hounds as this cloning strategy is easy to use and very effective. Upon the death of the cloned Lava Hound, cloned Lava Pups spawn. The reason why this works so well is that the Lava Hound by itself lacks punch, it relies on its Pups to do the damage and so it is an advantage that the cloned Lava Hound only has 1hp as it can be easily be killed off spawning full damage Lava Pups.

Giant Skeleton - similar to the cloned Lava Hound the cloned Giant Skeleton having only 1hp is an advantage as it will allow the clone bomb to go off early allowing the original Giant Skeleton to waltz to the opponent’s tower. This card is going to see more play which is fantastic because it has been an extremely rare addition to decks. In my video below I show a clip whereby the cloned Giant Skeleton bomb eliminates the opponents Inferno Tower allowing the original Giant skeleton free passage to the opponent’s tower.

Witch - I had very successful battles when cloning this card. I started with the Giant in the back and then had the witch follow the Giant but not before cloning her, the cloned Witch pushed the other lane with an Ice Golem to tank, this produced a very effective and menacing pronged attack, this I highlight at the beginning of my video below:



Minions / Minion Horde - cloning Minions works very well and can be used in defence or whenever you see that there is an advantage to be had in offence. I used Minions and Minion Horde with the Clone Spell in a Lava Hound deck and a Zap Bait Deck.

Skeleton Army - not as good as cloning Minions because there is The Log to worry about as well as Poison/Zap/Arrows/Tornado/Ice Golem but still skeletons en-masse is a scary sight to see. As Chucky showed me earlier, if your opponent doesn’t kill off your Skeleton Army with a spell and instead tries to defend with a Musketeer you can clone your Skarmy bringing a very scary punish.

Hog and Balloon - as OJ showed us the clone spell on these units changes the pathing of the original units allowing them to go directly to the opponent's tower when pushing down the left hand lane only. This will be very useful if you are either up on Elixir or finishing off your opponent in overtime.

Princess - cloning the Princess and pushing both lanes with them is interesting, I wouldn’t go as far to say that this is a truly effective strategy but it can mess up your opponent’s playstyle.

Guards & Dark Prince - as OJ showed us something has to be said about cloning units with shields, the cloned shielded units will live through Zap/Arrows/Log/Ice Golem making this clone strategy more tricky to deal with.


Going forward
This card is going to see play and because of this we are going to see the return of Poison, Tornado and the Giant Skeleton and thus this release is looking like it will have the biggest impact since SuperCells’ announcement of the ‘two week card release’. If you have any questions let me know and please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Galbers Gaming for more strategy, guides and tips in Clash Royale, it really does help and allows me to produce the content like the article you are reading right now 🙂


Happy cloning,

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