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December Update: Best Meta Decks and Guides for Arena 7-9

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Golem Tornado Deck

Tornado -> Elixir Collector

On Offense:
The Golem has so much HP that if your opponent doesn't have a defensive building, it's going to be very difficult for them to take him out without taking some tower damage. Even if they do have a defensive building, you can use the Zap to reset Inferno Towers, and the Fireball to remove buildings like the Tombstone and Cannon. Once your Golem is at the Bridge, you'll want to drop the Mega Minion just behind the Golem, and if you think you need to, you can also place the Archers behind the Mega Minion. Be ready with the Tornado if your opponent has some troops that you want to move.

On Defense:
The Tombstone is a great defense with this deck and will be a lifesaver against the Hog Rider. Make sure that if you're facing Hog Log that you alternate between placing the Tombstone in the middle of the arena and in front of your tower. By doing this, you'll likely get your opponent to waste their Log. Another solid defense is to drop the Ice Golem to distract troops, and then the Archers or Mega Minion to finish them off.


Miner Graveyard Spellbait

The Log -> Zap
Graveyard -> Goblin Barrel or Minion Horde
Miner -> The Knight

On Offense:
This deck takes advantage of when your opponent has used their spells and makes for powerful counter strikes. Start out with the Furnace and try to play defensively during the first part of the match. Once you're ready to go on offense, you'll want the Ice Golem to be targeted by the enemy tower so you can safely play the Graveyard. If your Ice Golem isn't available, you can do the same thing with your Miner. If there's ever a time when your opponent uses Zap and you have the elixir to do a push, you'll want to go for it and your opponent might not have the cards to defend, allowing for a quick tower!

On Defense:
If your opponent has a tanky deck, you'll want to be careful about how you defend. Place the Furnace so that it'll attract the tank, and then get rid of support troops by distracting them with the Ice Golem before dropping your Mega Minion. You can use the Mega Minion and Log to take care of Hog Pushes. Ultimately, this deck's best defense is an aggressive continual offense.

Bowler Graveyard Freeze    

Graveyard -> Goblin Barrel
Ice Golem -> Ice Spirit or Skeletons

On Offense:
This deck thrives off of defenses turned into counter pushes. Use the Bowler to defend against strong pushes, and once he's about to cross the bridge, drop the Graveyard on the tower and your opponent will really struggle to defend. If you have the elixir, putting the Archers or Mega Minion behind the Bowler will make this push even stronger. Another strong push is the Ice Golem, Graveyard, Greeze Combo. This is best used against defensive archers or Mega Minions because your opponent will not likely have another defense against the Graveyard. Use the Zap to clear enemy Skeleton Armies.

On Defense:
The Bowler is one of the best defensive cards in the game. Use him and the Mega Minion to stop a lot of pushes. You'll want to use the Tombstone wisely as well because this is your only defensive building. By using it at the right time, you'll be able to stop a lot of Hog Pushes, and even Giant Pushes. One great defensive play is to place the Bowler and Freeze your opponent's troops, if there are a lot of ground troops. By doing this, your Bowler should survive with full health and be able to be used for a counter push.


I hope you enjoyed these guides! If you're looking for more high quality content, deck building tips, and strategy in the game, check out my YouTube channel for frequent uploads and great content! We'll see you in the Arena!    




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