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December Update: Best Meta Decks and Guides for Arena 7-9

Hello fellow Clashers! I'm KairosTime and I'm an avid YouTuber who is extremely passionate about Clash Royale! Because I care so much about the game, I am constantly trying out new decks and testing strategies to find the best decks in the game! Today, I'm going to be sharing the strongest decks in the current meta along with quick guides on how to use each of them!    


This extensive deck guide has decks that can be separated into 4 categories:       

Giant Decks - Page 1       

Hog Rider Decks - Page 2            

Siege Decks - Page 3 

Other Decks- Page 4            


Giant Decks    

Giant Poison + Mega Minion

Musketeer -> Mini PEKKA
Prince -> Mini PEKKA

On Offense:
This deck is an unstoppable force if you can build up a push behind your Giant and have enough Elixir to place a Poison once your force has reached the opponent's side of the arena. Do this by building up Elixir with your pump, and protecting it the best you can. Place the Giant in the back once you're ready to push and support it with the Musketeer or Prince. Once your Giant is at the bridge, drop the Mega Minion on top of him and get ready to poison the area. If you set this up right, you'll be unstoppable!

On Defense:
This deck's best defenses are the Mega Minion, Ice Spirit, and Musketeer. Play defensively by dropping a pump and defending that pump if your opponent has a Miner. Make your defenses into counter pushes to really put some pressure on your opponent. Sometimes, a well placed Poison can completely stop a strong offense as well, so use it wisely. Another strong defense is to wait until you have about 8 Elixir. Then, drop the Giant to distract enemy troops, and support the Giant with the Mega Minion, or Musketeer. By doing this, you create an extremely strong counter push that will be hard to stop.    




Giant Graveyard

Graveyard -> Goblin Barrel
Ice Golem -> Knight

On Offense:
Your win condition with this deck is to wait until the opponent's tower is targeted on your Giant. Once it is, place the Graveyard onto the opponent's tower and watch it's health drop down. This combo is especially strong if you manage to place a Mega Minion on top of your Giant as it crosses the bridge, which you should be able to do. If you don't have the elixir to do a full Giant Graveyard combo, you can even do an Ice Golem Graveyard combination to really make your opponent struggle.

On Defense:
Your defenders are the Archers, Tombstone, and Mega Minion. Use them to deal damage, and use the Ice Golem as a distraction unit. That, paired up with the Log and Zap will make for a defense that is extremely difficult to stop for almost any win condition. If needed, you can even use your Giant as a meatshield distraction during your opponent's pushes for a strong counter push!    


Giant Quatra-Muskateers

On Offense:
A quick and fast offense will include the Giant at the bridge along with the Ice Spirit and Mega Minion. The best time to make this type of push is when your opponent is lower on Elixir. If you're at about the same amount of Elixir, it may be better to drop your Giant behind your King's tower and build up the push, possible with a split 3 Musketeers. If you do split the Musketeers, it's usually a good idea to place the Ice Golem in front of the single one, and the Ice Spirit with the 2 Musketeers as they're about to get to the Bridge. By doing this, your opponent is going to have to think quickly if they're going to avoid taking some serious damage on their tower.

On Defense:
Because this deck costs a lot, you want to do everything you can to protect your Elixir Pumps. Make sure you're placing them in the right spots so that it's not desirable for your opponent to clear them with a spell or with the Miner. Use the Mega Minion to defend the Hog Rider and use the Ice Spirit if you're desperate to not lose health on the tower. If you have the elixir, you can defend with 3 Musketeers as well, but you'll want to make sure your opponent doesn't have the Lightning before making that call. If they have the Fireball you'll want to be careful about how you use them as well.    

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