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Bowler Graveyard Control Guide from King's Cup runner-up

Coltonw83, who was the 2nd place finisher at King's Cup, has posted Bowler Graveyard Control Guide on the Clash Royale subreddit. He said, he had used this deck to reach 4732 trophies (12,8.25,5,2) and used it to win many 12 win chests in grand challenges. 


King's Cup final match between Yaoyao and Coltonw83.

The deck:
- Bowler
- Graveyard
- Inferno
- Ice Golem
- Fireball
- Mega Minion
- Zap
- Archers

The main goal of the deck is to defend first and to capitalize on your surviving troops by using them in a counter push with graveyard. Bowler, ice golem, and mega minion thrive in this role as mini tanks (yes even mega minion) and while they tank the tower the graveyard goes to town unleashes tons of dooting damage. This deck can also abuse beatdown decks by quickly pushing the opposite lane after they have deployed their tank at the back.

Bowler (like almost all the troops in this deck) serves as a key defensive tool and is also deadly when unchecked on offense. The main uses of bowler will be to start it from the back behind your weaker hp tower or to be used as a reaction counter to a hog, barbs, or any troop is obviously weak to bowler. It's best to start with low elixir troops at the beginning of the match so bowler should only be played without prior knowledge of the opponents deck when absolutely necessary. In ground match ups (90% of games) when you're both at 10 elixir and you can start the Bowler in the back, this troop is deadly. Paired with the inferno or an ice golem+mega minion he can counter almost any push. Also, if you opponent tries to get smart and push the opposite lane you can merely defend that push and then deploy a graveyard with the bowler to punish your opponent and likely take his tower on the bowler side.

Graveyard is your win condition. Graveyard should be used only when you have other units crossing the bridge unless in a desperate situation. Graveyard is an opportunistic card, it should mainly be used to attack the tower when you have surviving defensive troops crossing the bridge. If either of these threats are incorrectly countered, your opponent can say goodbye to their tower's hp.

Inferno With the rise of hog log as a counter to tombstone and Inferno's strength against lava hound, it is my go to defense despite its nerfs. The inferno does an exceptional job when paired with the any of my defensive troops and if played correctly it can stop any push. If your opponent has lightning then fear not, just space troops well and never place a mega minion with the inferno until your opponent has already use his/her lightning.

Ice Golem is an amazing and versatile card in my deck. It is best used on defense when used as a distraction for your opponents damaging support troops such as musket, mini pekka, bowler, and mega minion. Ice golem + archers or mega minion can quickly dispatch and pesky damage dealers. The ice golem also has an interesting offensive use in this deck. Whenever facing beat down users, you can quickly deploy ice golem at the bridge in the opposite lane to tank the tower and then place a graveyard on the tower to attack. This does two things: it punishes the beat down player's heavy usage of elixir, and it forces them to split their troops in the opposite lane.

Fireball is fireball. It can finish the game with direct damage, it can make POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADES (OJ hype) and it can be used in double elixir alongside graveyard to dispatch any counters your opponent might have (archers, mega minion).

Mega Minion is the best defensive card in the game and can be used to counter push with graveyard. If you're not using this card right now then you're doing something wrong.

Zap is absolutely amazing in this deck. Outside zap's typical effectiveness, it works beautifully on offense to surprise your opponent. Say for instance your mega minion has been tanking while the graveyard is attacking the tower and it is about to die. If you zap the tower, it will re target to the skeletons and you now get multiple mega minion hits on the tower. This concept can be applied to any damaging troop and zap can also be used to take out goblins and archers that have been incorrectly placed archers (correct placement is on the edge of the graveyard circle when defending a graveyard with archers).

Archers are another key defensive tool that are extremely versatile (seeing a theme here?). Archers are also a great starting hand, they can be split at the back for a decent threat to both towers. They are a good anti air card, they output good dps, they are lightning counters so to speak, and they work beautifully on offense when left unchecked.


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