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Insane Miner + Graveyard Cycle Deck for Tournament

I've been camping in Legendary arena for the past few months, collecting legendary cards. (just missing the Princess!) After I got a Graveyard, I created a deck that works insanely well for me in tournaments. This could work on ladder, but I haven't tried it yet.

My Deck

Miner: The MVP of this deck. Use him to take out Princesses, elixir pumps, annoying buildings, and of course, tank for the Graveyard. In extremely rare cases, you can use him as a Lightning rod.

Graveyard: This card is also pretty important. Pair it with the Miner to take down your opponents crown tower in seconds. Although it isn't meant to be used defensively, it can serve as an emergency Skeleton Army, but remember that it does have a 1.5 second placement delay (2.5s counting the server delay).

The Log: Perfect in the current meta. This can be used to snipe annoying Princesses, crush Goblin Barrels, destroy a Skarmy... If you don't have it, Zap works well as a replacement.

Arrows: Minions are a huge threat to this deck. If they don't have Minions, use this card as a secondary Log. If they do have Minions, try to save the arrows just for them. If they place down a Skarmy/Minion Horde to counter your Grave-digger push every time, try pre-placing your arrows down on their tower. Once again, you can use this card to kill a Princess.

Mega Minion: This card is insanely strong. Use it to kill mini-tanks like a Hog Rider, Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon.. you get the idea. Combined with an Ice Golem, it can also stop many medium-sized pushes. The MM works on killing the tank unit while the Ice Golem soaks up hits from the support unit long enough for the MM to finish up and destroy the slowed-down support. Know what else it can do..? One-shot a Princess!

Ice Golem: Amazing defensive capabilities paired with the Mega Minion. You can usually kite melee support units away from the tank, while the MM works on killing the tank. This card can also work as a great counter to Skarmy, just plop it into the middle of the horde. Use it as a tank for the Graveyard if the Miner isn't available. Against Seige decks, the IG can distract an X-Bow/Mortar long enough for you to attack it with a Skarmy or MM. An IG+MM push can seriously harm a tower. It's also a great Lightning rod.

Furnace: Before using the Furnace, make sure that it's correctly leveled. It supplies constant chip damage to a tower, and can usually bait out an Ice Wizard/Princess for you to kill. Use it as a Minion killer when arrows aren't available. I'd recommend doing a Grave-digger push on the opposite side the Furnace is on.

Skeleton Army: The Skarmy is mainly used defensively. If your opponent doesn't have a proper Graveyard counter, they'll usually use up one or two spells countering it. This allows you to safely use your Skarmy on their push. I would highly recommend that you don't use it to cycle cards, use something like an Ice Golem or Mega Minion instead.

I'd recommend watching these Orange Juice videos, as they contain more information about each card I used:
The Log
Mega Minion
Ice Golem

Countering Meta Decks:
Beatdown: If your opponent places something like a Golem or Lava Hound in the back, immediately go for a Grave-digger push on the opposite tower. Usually those types of decks have very weak counters to this deck, so they might put something down like a MM and zap to counter your push. At this point, set up your defense. IG+MM to work on the tank unit, with a Furnace to pull it. Try putting down a Skarmy, even if it's out for a few seconds, it can rack up serious damage onto a Golem/Giant/Royal Giant. If it's a LH, the Skarmy can focus on killing the ground support and incoming Miners, and even soak up some hits from Lava Pups. Arrow Minions, or Lava Pups if they don't have Minions. Rinse and repeat until you have their tower down. Even if they take one of your towers, you can out-cycle them and take down their second one.

Spell-bait: Spell bait decks usually contains cards like Minions, Princess, Skarmy, Goblin Barrel, and Miner. Your Skarmy can stop a Miner+Gob-barrel push easily, and if that gets zapped, just Log the combo. Pre-placed Log/Arrows will wipe out a Minion Horde/Skarmy used to counter your Grave-digger push. Miner+Skarmy can be stopped by placing an Ice Golem into their Skarmy, and use a Mega Minion to counter their Miner. Your Furnace also helps against other small Miner pushes they may do.

Control: These decks usually have a spawner-building, a Hog Rider or Royal Giant, and a Musketeer/Valkyrie. After countering your Grave-digger push, they'll place a Hog/RG behind/in front of a support and Ice Golem and ruin your counter. To deal with this, use your IG to distract their support, kill the tank with MM and Skarmy, and finish off the leftover troops with your remaining troops.
Thanks for reading my guide on this deck. I discovered the deck by myself, but if someone else may have posted about it before, I apologize for that. This is my first guide, so some formatting may be off. If you have any more questions, leave a comment.

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