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Royal Giant + Furnace + Lightning Deck for Grand Challenge

This is KairosTime, and I’m here today with another Challenge Winning Deck along with a guide on how to use it, and a video guide that shows you the last 2 rounds of the Grand Challenge that it won! Normally, the Royal Giant is found in the Ladder as an over-leveled common. However, this deck uses the Lightning and Furnace to make a powerful combination that is difficult to stop!


Royale Giant (lvl9), Lightening (lvl4), Furnace (lvl7), Mega Minion (lvl7), Archers (lvl9), Guards (lvl4), Zap (lvl11), Ice Spirits (lvl10)

Card Alternatives


Guards - If you want to use this deck in a challenge, you’ll want at least level 3 Guards. If you don’t have them leveled up that high, I recommend switching them for the Skeleton Army or Goblins.


Starting Hand:


The best starting hand will include the Furnace. If you’re lucky, place the furnace a couple spaces in front of the King’s Tower to apply some pressure on your opponent. If you don’t have the Furnace, let’s hope you have the Royal Giant and the Lightning. If you do, place the Royal Giant in the back behind your King’s tower, or at the bridge to see what counters your opponent has. The worst starting hand would include Zap, Ice Spirit, Guards, and either Archers or the Mega Minion. If this is your starting hand, either place the Archers or the Mega Minion in the very far back behind your King’s tower. This is a defensive move and allows you to stall until your opponent makes a move, which you will then try to counter.




There are two ways to play this deck, and it depends on whether or not your opponent has defensive towers like the Inferno Tower. If they do, you will want to place your Royal Giant behind your King’s tower so that you have time to save up for the Lightning, which you will use to clear enemy defenses, including the Inferno Tower. If they don’t, you can place the Royal Giant at the bridge like the Royal Giant is classically played.


If your opponent has lots of swarm troops in their deck, it is best to use the Furnace to apply pressure and make it difficult for them to choose which cards to defend with. It is also a good idea to place the Mega Minion soon after the royal Giant so that it can clear defending troops. Because the Royale Giant has a larger hitbox than the Mega Minion, defending troops are more likely to target him. If your opponent also has the Mega Minion, you should wait until after their Minion is locked onto the Royal Giant, and then use your to clear it.




This deck has 4 cards that are really good on defense: Furnace, Mega Minion, Archers, and Guards. The trick to defending with these cards is to use the Guards to distract troops, and clear them with either the Archers or Mega Minion. It takes a Mega Minion 6 swipes to clear the guards, which makes them a great distraction troop to use. If your opponent has a really large push, you can even use Lightning to get rid of support troops while your Mega Minion gets rid of the tank. If your opponent is playing a really heavy deck like the Lava Hound or Golem, it is a good idea to place the Royal Giant at the Bridge in the opposite lane so your opponent doesn’t have the elixir to defend.

Thanks so much for reading this guide! If you have any questions, feel free to leave questions on my video’s comment section and I’ll make sure and answer every question I can! We’ll see you in the arena!


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