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Tornado Spell Combinations - Tips and Tricks

I have been playing with the Tornado Spell for a few of days now and decided to compile and share my thoughts and Tornado combinations with you, at the very bottom of this article there will be a concise video showing these combos in action.

As OJ showed us in his video you can pull a tank* (in his case a Lava Hound) onto your crown tower activating it in the process. I successfully was able to pull this off against a Golem user, just before the golem was about to die I pulled the Golem towards my king tower using the Tornado Spell and when it exploded out the Golemites, the inner one targeted my king tower. Very easy to do and helps out your defence.
* Lava Pup was pulled by OJ onto his King Tower, I pulled the Golemite onto my King Tower.

If the opponent is using a Mini Pekka to counter your Hog Rider, you can use the Tornado Spell to draw the little karate pancake lover away allowing two swings (which the Hog Rider would not have got) on the enemy tower, couple this with an Ice Spirit and you should be able to get at least an additional one to two hits off, potentially an extra four Hog Rider swings. This also works well against someone who is dropping Barbarians to kill your Hog Rider before it gets a single hit off on the tower. For best results drop the Ice Spirit and Hog Rider off together with the Ice Spirit preferably just in front, the ice spirit will freeze the barbarians which will then allow a hard pull* from the Tornado on the Barbarians allowing again four to five hits. The reason why this combo works well is because units inside the tornado can still move and attack, the ice spirit negates both of these allowing a full tornado pull in the process.
* A soft pull is when the Tornadoed unit is able to move against the Tornado’s Pull Force

As we all expected the Tornado allows an easy kill on the Minion Horde when helped with your tower, just be aware of a miner to tank the tower shots. This again is another reason why the Ice Spirit is a good combination with the Tornado, together these effectively deal with the minion horde for a positive elixir trade.

Do not use the tornado in attempt to drag troops away from the Mini Pekka, this will just create a longer leash - the Mini Pekka will just follow the Tornadoed troops. However, in some instances it could be beneficial to draw say an ice wizard/Musketeer towards the Mini Pekka allowing the MP to swipe it in one and get at least one maybe two shots off on the enemy's tower.

If the opponent is dropping the Skeleton Army to defend against your Hog Rider, a Tornado will allow your Hog to get two to three shots off depending on your timing. Initially i didn't think this would work but due to the tornado pull it minimalizes the damage from the skeletons by limiting their 'surround' on the Hog before they die after three ‘damage ticks’.

As far as how you can include it in your deck, it can replace Zap/Arrows but you should include either the ice spirit or fire spirits or both with it - I carry both in the current deck that I am using: a hog cycle variant with Tornado which is viable, although I'm not sure if it is better than my plain 
Hog Rider Cycle Deck 2.0

For those who have also picked up this card:

*What combinations have you come across?

*Have you had much success with the spell?

Please say below!

Tornado Spell Combinations in Action, tips and tricks included:

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