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A Beautiful Burn/Control Deck with Graveyard! [Grand Challenge]

First of all sorry for my bad English, is not my native language, I´ll try my best.
Here´s my Deck: 

Graveyard (lvl 1) // Miner (lvl 1) // Princess (lvl 2) // Log (lvl 1) // Furnace (lvl 8) // Musketeer (lvl 7) // Mega Minion (lvl 7) // Skeleton Army (lvl 4).
Yes it´s a 4 legendary deck but it is so much fun, versatile, and played properly you can win almost against everything.
Works super solid in tournament levels (doing 11 and 12 grand challenge constantly) and may work too for ladder if you have a +1 level furnace compared with yours rival’s king tower level.

Play Style
Big big thing here: Your playstyle needs to be fast, make faster choices, faster react, and you need to know VERY CLEAR how to “tank and spank” to break up a huge push (with log´s help of course).
On Defense
Since you don´t have a hard hitter (mini pekka / Lumberjack) you need to know your opponent´s rotation to defend with skeleton army the support (surrounding them) and musketeer / Mega Minion for your opponent´s main troop.
Another big thing here: ALWAYS put a furnace down, keeping pressure your opponent with Miner or Musketeer or Princess at bridge to do chipping damage and disarrange opponents’ plan. It also works well in pulling tanks to the mid field and kill him with the help of both towers and Mega Minion for example, btw you should kill the supporting troops with Musky or Skeleton army.
Here, the pushes:
Main Pushes:
"Shoot down and go" Miner + Musky + Graveyard + Princess (at the bridge).... If the opponent defend your graveyard ... musky locked on his tower is gonna destroy him, and don´t forget the princess doing work on his graveyard defend... It´s a bit expensive push but it is what it is "the main push".
The main push can be built from placing a musketeer behind the towers.
If case your opponent defend musky... Miner Graveyard... well we just know how it ends.
CHEAPING 1: Princess(at the bridge) / Miner (Always with a furnace down).
CHEAPING 2: Graveyard / Princess (at the bridge for his graveyard defense) (Always with a furnace down).
Don´t forget to keep a logic pressure. These are “cheap” pushes (8 elixir) but are so powerful, don´t do it all the time, cause u gonna have rushed your other lane.
In Defense is not an easy deck to play but i´ve beaten over-leveled Lava hound + Miner + Tombstone deck // 3 Muskies deck and so many others... It struggles more or lees with Golem but it is what it is... Just don´t let them put the fucking rock and all of his super train support... If that happen you are doing something wrong.
In double elixir time is the moment to shine and overwhelm your opponent with two furnaces, princess and constantly send miner... It´s annoying sometimes you see "Opponent left the match".
Your defense is furnace to pull tank with furnace give a couple of hits with musky and kill support with log, skeleton army ((when they have wasted spells)) and Mega Minion.
I´m not the best player and this is not the best deck but if u enjoy playing "control/burn" decks give it a try.
PS: Feel free to change furnace for inferno tower (if you are a more defensive player).
PS 2: If your opponent use goblin barrel and princess kill GB with skeleton army and save log for princess (since she can kill all spawned spirits of the furnace).
Any suggestions feel free to leave down below.

maugab17 for sharing the deck with us, this guide first appeared on Reddit.

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