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Siege/Control Deck for Ladder and Tournament [Arena 8-9]

I wanted to share my deck and a guide on how to play it, because it has given me insane results in ladder and tournament. I am currently level 9, and finally pulled an Ice Wizard out of a Grand Challenge and that is keeping me in Legendary (where I used to fall out of quickly).
This is a Siege / Control deck - totally defensive based and built for 1 crown wins. I'm not totally at tournament levels yet, however I still get great wins in challenges / tournaments / ladder. I'll explain some common tactics, and how I deal with higher levels. I hope you enjoy it!
The Deck

Mortar (9) - Win condition #1. I watch my opponent's opening moves to see what lane they are attacking, or where they place buildings. This helps me determine which lane I am attacking and use my mortar there. Try to place it when there are other of your units around to cover for it during the long 4 second deploy.
Furnace (7) - Win condition #2. This is such a great chip card. Against enemies level 9 and below, I will place it in the back behind my arena towers, and against level 10 or above, I use it right in front of my king tower, with one tile a part (added defense). I will often move this location to the middle if they have heavy attacks that target buildings to buy time. The constant chip from the fire spirits is great, and when placed in the same lane as your mortar, it will destroy pesky attacks (like minions / goblins) that opponents often counter your mortar with.
The Log (2) - This is my shit. For real. First legendary I pulled, and immediate synergy with this deck. With the recent buff, it makes this deck lethal. I use it to clear out any units attacking my mortar, or to kill a princess, to kill goblin barrel, to buy time for my arena tower on defense... it's so versatile. Shout out to /u/ApprenticeTheNoob and all his guides. Check those out for advanced log tactics. He is our prophet - our Log and Savior.
Ice Wizard (1) - I used archers forever until I just pulled an Ice Wizard out of a Grand Challenge chest, which was a PERFECT compliment to this deck. This card is strictly for defense (against air targets / Mega Minion). Place behind your mortar and troops for defense.
Inferno Tower (6) - Tank Melter. I almost always place in the middle to draw their Giant or whatever tank, so everything else can pick away at them while this tower melts them. If I am playing a Royal Giant, I wait til he gets close enough that I can play this on him without being too close to the river. Also great to drop to distract a hog. It's not a good elixir trade, but with this deck you often need to buy time.
Fire Spirits (8) - Again, place behind the mortar, especially after their minions or horde lock on to something else. Fire spirits will destroy a minion horde easily (if not critically damage it.) Also great to throw down to finish off a miner, or goblin barrel.
Skeleton Army (4) - Since the buff... wow. I had a ton of these but never played it before now, hence my highest level epic. I use this to eat away at tanks when I don't have an inferno tower, or to stop Pekka / Mini Pekka / Prince / swarm a miner... It's really versatile on defense. Great for distractions. I used to play Guards in this spot, which are good, but they are level 3 for me and I got a lot more versatility out of Skarmy.
(6) - This is the X factor for this deck. Will often be my finisher, and used heavily against opponents that I can't chip at with Furnace. I love to rocket when they drop a low HP / High DPS unit by their tower (Musketeer / Wizard) or often, they will throw down a Sparky by the tower. At only level 6, sparky doesn't die, but you can just log roll that bitch. Now that Elixer Collector is 6, rocketing that is an even trade I'll take. Bonus points for anything else hit.
Mortar - Xbow
Ice Wizard - Archers
The Log - Zap/Minions
Common Opponents
Miner Cycle- This is a tough one to beat and takes some time. You need to always have a counter to the miner in your hand, for us it is fire spirits / skarmy / furnace placed behind tower, even Ice wizard. The key to shutting this down is to make sure you have something to take out the miner, because your arena tower isn't always on that.
Lava Hound - Again, a tough matchup. Almost always people play this at the back so you have some time to plan. I will use an inferno tower to lure the Lava Hound, and save my Ice Wizard / Spirits for the pups when it explodes. Pro Tip: When it explodes, play skarmy to distract everything, because Lava Hound is often accompanies by Inferno Dragon / Mega Minion or the like.
Sparky- When you see this guard, you've got to address it immediately. If you don't you will be done quickly. If played in the back, I try to rocket it with the tower. If played up front, use your many cards to distract it, and play Skarmy, or get an inferno tower on it.
Giant Beatdown- Really, just play your Inferno Tower to draw the tank, and from the flank play Ice Wiz / Spirits to deal with the support troops.
I'm happy to elaborate on any more of these, or to answer more questions about how I play this deck. It's really fun if you like siege, and super effective after this update. Thanks for reading!
E_KingTrill for sharing the deck with us, this guide first appeared on Reddit.

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