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Lava Miner Lightning Deck for Challenge Winning (3.6K+ Trophies)

This is KairosTime, sharing another Challenge Winning deck that has proven to make it all the way to victory in a Grand Challenge! This deck takes some practice but with this guide and some patience, you can make this deck work very well in Challenges and even in the ladder! I’ve had a lot of success with this deck above 3600 trophies!

My Deck


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Card Alternatives
Miner - This card is difficult to replace, but with some really great timing, you can switch him out for the Knight or for the Ice Golem. I’ve had some luck with the Goblin Barrel as well, but it doesn’t work well if your opponent has Arrows or Poison.
Baby Dragon - A great replacement would be the Ice Wizard or Princess if you have them. The Princess would be good as Arrow Bait, and the Ice Wizard would be good at slowing down defending troops from a distance.
Tombstone - With the Skeleton Army’s recent buff, you can switch out the Tombstone for the Skeleton Army, but I still prefer the Tombstone. That being said, the Skeleton Army is great Arrow bait if you’re facing a lot of decks with the arrows in them.

Starting Hand:
The best starting hand will include the Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Tombstone, and Arrows. This allows you to play the Lava Hound in either of the back corners and defend against whatever push your opponent decides to pick. Arrows are great at defending against Miner + Minion pushes, and the Mega Minion or Tombstone can stop a lot of other pushes with minimal damage on your tower. If you don’t have the Lava Hound in your starting hand, it’s best to play defense until you cycle to it. If you have it, the Tombstone is a great option to play when you don’t have the Lava Hound in your hand because it will limit what kind of pushes your opponent can make. The worst starting hand for going on the offense is the Miner, Baby Dragon, Lightning, and Arrows. If this is your opening hand, wait for your opponent to make the first move and react accordingly.

If you were able to drop a Lava Hound in the corner and get it to the bridge without losing a tower, you’re in a good position. Your primary win condition is to drop the Miner at the tower right before the Lava Hound pops. If you can do that, the miner will take damage damage from the tower while the Lava Pups deal the damage. Unless your opponent has the Arrows, this is a hard push to stop and is even stronger if you’re able to get supporting troops behind the Lava Hound like the Baby Dragon and Mega Minion. That being said, you shouldn’t drop supporting troops unless you’ll have 3 elixir for your Miner for when the Lava Hound pops.
A secondary Win Condition is the Lava Hound and Lightning. Because the Mega Minion, Musketeer, Ice Wizard, and Princess are commonly used cards right now, use Lightning to clear them in one shot! In addition, it’ll knock off over 300 damage on the enemy tower. If your opponent has the Minion Horde, you’ll want to save your Arrows for them. Arrowing a Princess can be a good option if she’s your opponent’s only air defense.

Because the Lava Hound is such an expensive card, it is important that you don’t drop it unless you have 10 Elixir, leaving 3 Elixir to defend with. One of the best ways to counter a Lava Hound deck with a cycle deck is to apply pressure to the opposite lane of the Lava Hound. This means that you’ll have to get good at knowing which cards can successfully stop which pushes. The Mega Minion is usually a really good option against most pushes because of it’s high DPS. If your opponent is using a Hog Deck, a good option is the Tombstone. Sometimes, Minions are a great option to defend with. Arrows are great at defending against other Lava Hound decks, or decks that use the Minion Horde on Offense.

You can watch the Challenge Winning Replay below: 

Thanks so much for reading this guide! If you have any questions, feel free to leave questions on my video’s comment section and I’ll do my best to respond!

This is KairosTime ticking by! We’ll see you in the arena!

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