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Got to 2600 trophies as LVL 8. Miner+Mega Minion Aggressive Deck

Hey guys, it’s Sanityzzz here to share my Miner + Mega Minion deck guide with you.

My Deck

Since I haven't come across any decks this aggressive, and I almost exclusively fight higher lvls (troops and towers). Hopefully this might be of some interest to anybody around 1800 trophies. I'm on my third revision of this, and having trouble describing all the different situations I've been in, so I'll use a bigger more broad approach.

Basic Strategy
Start the game by attacking and follow up every cheap defense, with another attack. The attack's are cheap and allow you to split push, while also cycling through the deck fast. I try to damage both towers equally. If your opponent makes one large push, you simply can't defend it completely with this cheap deck. That's why having both towers low, allows you to go for a two tower victory. While your opponent can't defend both and make a large push. Ideally both enemy towers are low, and at the end of the game you can go for either of them to secure a victory, or both if necessary.

Attacking Forces
Your attacks are tanked by the Hog or Miner, and followed up with Spear Gobs, Fire Spirits, Skeletons, or Zap. This costs at most 6 elixir and always allows you to drop Barbarians on defense. That's your best defense unit and it's important to have it available when needed.

For instance, if you make a push and your opponent doesn't respond... Don't keep piling on units! Your attacking units are cheap and easy for towers to kill on their own eventually. If the opponent saves up and drops a giant and hog at your front, you'll need barbs to deal with them. The easiest way to lose with this deck is to allow the opponent to build up a deathball. You simply can't overcommit unless your opponent is already on low elixir.

Defense turning into attack
Most of your defense are very cheap units, these are perfect to transition into an attack by dropping the Miner or Hog infront. Let's say you're defending a solo Muskateer. Wait until its in range of your tower, drop some Skeletons on it and a Miner on the enemy tower. Your response costs just as much as the Muskateer, but has the potential for a lot more damage. All of your defenses are similar to this, you can even transition the Barbarians into an attack with a Miner upfront.

Discussion on Cards
All of the cards are very cheap except your defensive Barbs, and the Hogrider. You need the Barbarians because frankly no other card in the deck can defend well on its own. They have a great mix of dps and health. Every other card is cheap allowing quick transitions.

Originally I was using 
3 Minions instead of the Mega Minion. This works until you get the Mega, but they're very similar to your other defenses (multiple low health bodies). Wizards/Bombers/Witch were a real problem because I could only kill them with Barbarians right on top (not efficient) or using my Miner on defense. The Mega Minion just helps your deck be a little more flexible.

Most important cards to upgrade: 
Hog. I jumped 300 trophies once I took him from 5 to 6. Everything else is secondary to him, but next would be:Barbarians, Zap, and Fire Spirits. You need decent level Barbarians so they can tank and deal damage. Zap needs to be able to one shot Goblins and Fire Spirits. Higher damage Fire Spirits really makes a difference when you're defending a large push.
That's the gist of it! Hope this is useful to someone, and feel free to ask specific questions (how do I respond to sparky?, etc).

Sanityzzz for sharing such a powerful deck with us, this deck guide first appeared on reddit.

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