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September Update: Most OP Decks and Strategies for Arena 7-9!

Clash Royale has a huge update in September, cards like rage, lighting, mirror and The log get buffed. And we also have a new playable card: Mega Minion. So today I will share new OP decks that work well for Arena 7-9.
Page 1: Rage Decks 

Page 2: Mega Minion Decks
Page 3: Mirror Decks
Page 4: Lighting Decks
Page 5: The Log Decks

(Note: You can click here for Giant, Lumberjack, Pekka, Golem deck)

#Deck 1

Mirror - Guards
Goblins - Skeletons
Card Breakdown
Arrows: Mainly used for Minion Horde/Minions/Princess
Goblins: Mainly used for Mini Pekka/Hog Rider/Princes
Elixir Collector: Help you to build up elixir advantage
Giant: When you are ready for making a huge push with Giant + 3 musketeers, Drop it behind your King Tower
Mirror: Keep it for 3 Musketeers or Elixir Collector. (Note: if your opponent doesn’t have Poison and Fireball, you can mirror Goblins or Rage )
Barbarians: A versatile card, good at defense and offense.
Rage: Make sure your opponent’s Fireball/Poison is on cooldown, and then rage the 3 musketeers after they crossing the bridge.
Battle Strategy
As you can see in the picture above, it’s a high elixir deck. In the beginning, you need to place as many elixir collectors as possible. If necessary, you can sacrifice one arena tower to build up elixir advantage. During the double elixir time, your 6 musketeers will become unstoppable and take 3-crown wins for you.

#Deck 2

Miner - Goblin Barrel
Card Breakdown
Skeleton Army: It’s vulnerable to various spells. Before you use it, Make sure your opponents’ spells are on cooldown
Royal Giant: The Main DPS
Miner: Mainly used for dealing with Princess/Wizards/Elixir Collector/Arena Tower
Minions: Mainly used for killing Royal Giant/Giant
Valkyrie: Mainly used for defense and then can be paired with Royal Giant/Witch to make a push.  
Witch: Mainly used for dealing with Mini Pekka/Hog Rider
Zap: A versatile card
Battle Strategy
In the beginning, use Miner to check out what your opponent’s deck and then play defensively. You can drop Valkyrie+Witch to distract the enemies , so that RG can do more damage to the Arena Tower. During double elixir time, you can make a huge push with Miner + Valkyrie + Witch.

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