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The Best Mega Minion Deck and Strategy for Arena 7-9

After the September Update, it’s obvious that Mega Minion will become a popular card in all decks. It is like a flyign Mini Pekka that works well in dealing with Baby Dragon and Lava Hound. So today I’m going to present this powerful flying deck to you guys.
My Deck

Battle Strategy
In the beginning , I'd like to put down the pump as soon as my elixir load up and then play defensively. If possible, put down the second elixir collector and use Baby Dragon/Mega Minion for defense.
On Offense
Mega Minion + Baby Dragon
Lava Hound + Baby Dragon + Minions
Note: If your opponent has Inferno Tower, you should use Mega Minion + Zap to deal with it and then add Lava Hound.
On Defense
Giant + Sparky - Mega Minion + Zap
Hog Rider - Cannon + Mega Minion/Musketeer
Miner- Mega Minion
Wizard/Ice Wizard + Musketeer - It’s time to change your deck. :-)

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