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The BEST Prince Deck for Arena 1-6 (Take down lvl 8's as a lvl. 5)

I would first like to say that I'm a F2P Player with lots of experience in deck building, and this is probably the best deck I've ever created. I started a mini account and created this deck and I have never lost a battle with this deck and I am in arena 5 (close to 6) as a lvl 5. I have taken down many lvl 7's with fast cycle decks to slow Pekka decks. This single deck, if played right can counter almost anything. And it uses cards from arena 3 and below. I will list substitutes to these 3 cards from arena 3 if you are in a lower arena. So, without furthur ado, I present to you this deck.
My Deck

Card Breakdown

Prince: The most important card in this deck, excellent for dealing damage and destroying powerful support troops. It can't be ignored and works well with all these cards. Great for a player who likes to play a deck faster and cycle more.
Valkyrie: An amazing troop on offense or defense. This card is your best friend for stopping hut players and setting up for a counter push. Also great for taking out those annoying Wizards, Witches, or Bombers behind a giant. You can also use it while pushing with the Prince to counter Goblins and Barbarians. Alternative: Bomber- Dishes out heavy splash damage and great with the Prince, not as good at taking out support units though.
Musketeer: Another excellent card on offense or defense. Great against baby dragons. This card is great on support as well. It basically dishes out heavy damage at great ranges (Even shoots across the river).
Barbarians: This card counters basically any destructive card (Pekka, Hog, Prince, Giant) On offense you can also utilize this card with the prince or push both lanes. In short, Barbarians are a card that can counter any big push. Alternative: Goblin Barrel- Kind of strange, these 2 cards are different. However, before Barbarians I used the Goblin Barrel to make my deck more offensive; this card is great while pushing with the Prince.
Minions: A great card with many uses. This card can be used to counter balloon (a major problem from arena 2-6), and counter all ground units; alone minions also deal roughly 250 chip damage to a tower. Arrows cost 3 elixir to counter minions and there is also no point to arrowing minions. You can use them to bait arrows.
Goblins: Cheap, High damage, great against prince, pulling units to the middle and deal 200 chip damage to tower. Nothing more to say.
Cannon: A great card to pull giants, hogs, prince, pekka, mini pekka and destroying them with goblins. A building is necessary in this meta to deal with these troops. Note: If you have Inferno Tower you can go ahead and try using it. Sometimes it works better.
Arrows: A great spell card for dealing with minion horde, hut spammers if you don't have Valkyrie cycled. Note: If you prefer fireball, zap, or poison they work great too, later on, I would substitute fireball.
Thank you and please leave feedback. I will be posting videos if there is a demand of me playing lvl 7's as a lvl 5. I can also post certain offensive push combos with this deck under request. Thank you and Clash on!
Name: Xeon Clan: Legitimacy

Eon26 for sharing such an useful deck for beginners! This deck first appeared on Clash Royale Community.

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