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The Most OP Giant Skeleton Deck for Arena 6-8! No Legendary!

Hey guys, it’s Kieran Fleming here to share my Giant Skeleton + Goblin Barrel Deck with you guys. I am floating around 2500 with this deck.
My Deck

Giant Skeleton- Level 3
Mini PEKKA- Level 6
Musketeer- Level 6
Valkyrie- Level 6
Fire Spirits- Level 9
Goblin Barrel- Level 4
Arrows- Level 8
Inferno Tower- Level 6
On Offense
Obviously your main push will be centered around the Giant Skeleton, but at some points when the opponent has a building based deck it'll be a little more difficult to make it successful. Try just getting the Giant Skeleton to the building and clearing it with the death damage, which then clears the way for some mini pushes.
The biggest defensive wall troop in the game is Barbarians and as long as Valkyrie and Fire Spirits are in the deck, they'll take out the Barbians extremely quickly which will allow the Giant Skeleton to move on.
Some mini pushes to try:
Mini PEKKA + Fire Spirits
Valkyrie + Goblin Barrel
Mini PEKKA behind Valkyrie followed by Fire Spirits
On Defense
The Giant Skeleton can also be used pretty effectively on defense. If the opponent dumps a bunch of elixir into the push just drop him in and he'll blow them all up and most likely leave you at a major advantage. If the bomb doesn't clear everything (Anything left will most likely be a big tanky troop) then send in a DPS troop like Musketeer or Mini PEKKA. Offensive wise the Goblin Barrel should always be a part of the push, send him as soon as a tanky troop like the Giant Skeleton or Valkyrie has crossed the bridge to soak the damage. If they keep punishing the Goblin Barrel with Zap, Arrows or Fire Spirits, try spawning it somewhere else to see if they waste it on hitting nothing, allowing the Goblins to go to a work.
The Inferno Tower is in my opinion, the best defensive building in the game, granted you use it right. Never place an Inferno tower without having Valkyrie and Arrows ready to go. If you see a strong Giant Push, place an Inferno Tower in the center of your side. Drop Valkyrie or the Giant Skeleton to distract and or kill the support, and let the Inferno Tower kill the Giant. If the opponent zaps the Inferno Tower, it usually will just be a waste because without the support of other troops the Inferno Tower probably won't go down without damaging the Giant enough that he can be taken out with the crown towers and support troops. Arrows should be ready incase the opponent spawns a Minion Horde to quickly take the Inferno Tower out.
Other notes- The Musketeer and Mini PEKKA are great DPS support troops that can take out mini tanks fairly quickly and usually deal with big tanks before they do much damage.
Kieran Fleming for sharing the OP Giant Skeleton Deck with us.

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