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Lavahound Princess Miner Deck and Guide for Arena 8-9

Hello everyone, it’s Thunderlight8 here to share my new deck with 3 legendaries. It works pretty well for me, so I wrote a guide. However, if you don’t have any legendaries, you can check my F2P Giant Poison deck.
My Deck

Uses of Each card
Lava hound: This amazing, underrated legendary troop can tank and deal massive amounts of damage. It's literally a tank carrying a low level minion horde. The use of this card is to tank for the other air troops such as the Dragon or Minions. In addition,this card can tank on defense if necessary.
Princess: This legendary card proves to be an amazing counter to swarm decks. Barbarians, Skeleton Army, Minions, Minion Hordes, and other horde/swarming troops are weak against the princess. Although it was nerfed to have a splash radius of a rocket, it is still proven to be one of the best anti swarm card in the game. Use this card to deal with swarms like minion horde.
Minions: This strong, versatile card can be used to counter many pushes. Decks with only musketeers as anti air have a hard time killing them when a lava hound is tanking. These cheap and deadly minions can kill a running Mini Pekka, without allowing it to get a hit on your tower with proper placement and strategy. These pesky troops can wipe out a counter push if the opponent is not properly prepared to counter your defense.
Baby Dragon: Another amazing, but underrated card is the Baby Dragon. After the massive buff, the Baby Dragon can now counter any swarm with ease. This card is a backup to the princess when it is out of rotation. Use this card mainly when pushing with Lava Hound to counter any swarm quickly.
Zap: Zap is one of the best cards in the game. This card is essential when the opponent has an Inferno tower, for the reset can give your push enough time to eliminate the Inferno.
Poison: This card can help stop swarms from attacking instantly if you need to deal with them instantly. The poison card also deals slow AOE, so the opponent has to wait 10 seconds before deploying a swarm or be heavily damaged. This card overall should get you a POSITIVE elixir trade.
Mini Pekka: This high damage card can stop tanks and stop most pushes with the correct use. Royal Giants fall to this card, and most swarms like Barbs can be killed in one hit when Zapped. In addition, this card can be used when double elixir is reached, allowing you to have a tank-killer destroy/stop distractions such as the giant.
Miner: After the nerf, the Payfecta deck has been at a decline. This allows the Lava Hound deck to shine, for a cycle deck is weak against a Lava Hound deck. The Miner card can distract an arena tower when the Lava Hound dies, allowing for the lava pups to deal immense damage. You can optionally use this card for a traditional Miner/Mini Pekka/Zap push. This although is not recommended.
Match Ups:
Sparky, Hog, Royal Giant, Miner, and Giant Balloon are common strategies seen in high level gameplay. Here are examples to counter these decks.
Sparky: Most Sparky decks use Royal Giant in the mix, and to counter this you simply wait for the sparky to reach your side, zap it to reset it's recharge time, and then place a Mini Pekka to finish it off. Then the mini Pekka can kill the Royal Giant or push to the other side with a positive trade.
Hog: Most Hog Rider decks rely on support troops to attack, and by using Poison and a Mini Pekka, you can kill support troops like minions while the Mini Pekka can kill the Hog Rider. If done correctly, the Mini Pekka alone can kill the Hog and not allow it to get a single shot off. If you are low on elixir, use the Mini Pekka, as it will most likely kill the Hog Rider, allowing for your tower to pick off the support troops.
Royal Giant: This card has been nerfed, and can be easily killed with a Mini Pekka without letting it get too much damage on your tower. Using Zap to stop support troops such as Minions, and allow the Mini Pekka to murder the Royal Giant. Sparky Royal Giant counter is seen in the Sparky section.
Miner: Miner decks are SUPER weak against this deck. Using the Mini Pekka, you can kill the Miner and murder the most likely cards coming across the field.
Giant Balloon: This pesky deck is the devil if one doesn't properly counter. In order to do so, you have two options, push with a Miner Mini Pekka and use minions to take out their balloon or, you could try to defend with minions, princess, baby dragon, and mini Pekka. Usually ignoring this combo is a good idea since it can ideally only take a tower, and leaves the opponent with 0 Elixir. If played correctly, you can win before they do, and if they play the giant, you can build up by using your mini Pekka to kill it and stacking up troops while your mini Pekka kills the giant.

Thanks Thunderlight8 for sharing such an informative deck with us, this guide first appeared on Clash Royale Community.

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