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Hog Mini Pekka 2.9 Cycle Deck That Got Me To Legendary Arena

Hello everyone, it’s Swoopy here to share my Hog Rider + Mini Pekka 2.9 cycle deck. I'm a F2P player. I have been playing the game since the Android release in Europe. I've been testing out about any deck composition.
Hitting legendary arena the first time as a lvl9 with mainly Hog or Giant decks.
I'm currently a new lvl10, I just bought my 1st legendary from the shop (Princess), only received one legendary from a chest which I don't use (The Log). Starting to get used to using the Princess and sitting around 3100 trophies with it I came up with writing a deck guide.
Here go's.
My Deck

Card Breakdown
Hog: Does it need introduction? Imo the best offensive card in the game.
Mini Peka: Tank-killer, support card-killer, can push with hog or double lane attacks. One of the best cards in current meta.
Fire Spirits: Goodbye to minion horde, minions, splash barbs or for pushing with hog/mini pekka.
Skeletons: Allows for a faster cycle, distract (mini) peka, prince,...
Princess: Long-range air support
Zap: the best spell, soooo versatile
Poison: I use it both on offense as defense whenever I see fit
Cannon: Imo every decks need 1 defense building. Being the cheapest defense in the game: easy pick.
My card levels are 9/7/3/1, Exception cannon which is lvl10.
Battle Strategy
So how does this deck plays? Off course it plays fast being so cheap on elixir.
What I try to do is start out with a naked hog attack because I like to see what my opponent uses as a main counter to it. If he plays small troops to counter I react with Zap, If he plays a defensive building I let my hog die for this first attack. If he plays bigger troops (barbs, mini-pekka ...) I set myself up for a defense and will counter-push. If I don't have hog in my starting hand I will cycle to it (putting down skeletons, fire spirits or I might use Poison when opponent starts with elixir collector or princess around his tower)
I would advice too not play the cannon too soon, because if your opponent has a Royal Giant you're gonna be in trouble.

Only play the cannon as cycle card when you know opponent hasn't got the Royal Giant and you don't need to hold on it untill he crosses the bridge.
So we been talking about the start, but how does the game evolve after that?
Depending on the main counters used by your opponent, your attacks gonna look something like this:

Minion Horde/Barbs/higher lvl Goblins/Minions/other defensive troops - Zap/Poison + Mini Pekka/Hog + Fire Spirits

If my opponent uses zap to stop my fire spirits (every time) you can do 3 things:
- Don't mind it, it's trading 2 for 2, back up your hog push with princess/poison/zap combination
- Use Skeletons with the hog, luring out the zap. Follow up by fire spirits close after or even mini peka/fire spirits.
- Push both lanes, make it hard for him to counter both lanes => Be carefull with this, if your opponent runs big tanks (Royal G) it might be better to use Mini Peka mainly for this + counter push.
How does it hold up to popular decks in current meta?
I would say: very well.
- Other Hog decks: being cheap you most likely have the cycle advantage which is important.
Let's compare with the popular trifecta deck: Mini Peka makes a good counter to hog/musk/valk, you can poison elixir collector, use fire spirits/cannon to counter, ...
On offense you have a good shot at doing damage, the Mini Peka will shine in those battles.
I must say hog vs hog also seems to finish in a draw a lot for me
I rate it: 7/10
- Royal Giant:very well! Mini-Pekka will shut it down. Depending on support troops I will use different counters off course.
Backuped by Wizard -> Mini P + Cannon (zap if needed)
Backuped by Musketeer -> Mini P + small Troops
Backuped by Air (minion, minion hordes) -> Mini P + Fire spirits or Princess
I rate it: 9/10
- Giant: very well ! It plays about the same as vs the Royal Giant
In current Meta you will see Giants being backuped by Guards regularly, you got a lot of counters to this: Fire Spirits, Poison, Princess
I rate it: 9/10
- Air: Hound, Hound/loon, etc: I don't have much trouble dealing with air myself.
I use cannon to distract the hound, let the princess chip away at it.
Zap the pups when hound pops or use poison. Fire Spirits when needed.
Minion or Minion horde as backup? again: fire spirits, zap + princess combo or poison when needed.
Lava Hound being slow and my deck being fast I can cycle to my needed cards easily.
I rate it: 8/10
- Miner Cycle / Payfecta: Good enough. Since I don't run a pump the miner can't hurt me there.
I get a lot of miner attacks on my princess so I'm try to be ready to defend her with mini P or small troops if possible
For miner/minion horde or miner/mini pekka combo's you got enough to stop them.
I rate it: 7/10
Overall a deck that fits well in the current meta. If you got the princess and wanna try out a hog cycle: give it a shot.
Don't got the princess? I would replace it with archers or spear goblins or musketeer.
That's all for now.
Hopefully some of you like reading this and maybe give the deck a go.
If you got any questions: leave a reply.
Swoopy for sharing his deck with us, this deck first appeared on Clash Royale Community.

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