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Clash Royale: Mortar-Bowler Deck That Got Me to Arena 9,No Legendary Required!

Hey guys, today we have Infernoplex here to share his Mortar-Bowler deck with us. After the Mortar nerf, Mortar's usage fell down faster than a Zap spell. However with the recent Bowler buff, the Mortar (And X-bow) is finally seeing some play again. Both cards have RIDICULOUS synergy with each other. And, my friends, that is why, I'm bringing you this awesome mortar deck!

This deck (Most of my cards are tournament standard, except for the Epics :c) got me to Arena 9 (3150) easily in 1 week (!), while the Golem deck that I loved so much, the Golem deck that I played for more than 2 months, only hovers me around the 2850 mark. So, without further ado, let me introduce you the cards of my deck!
Note: Even though I said "No legendary cards required", my Mortar deck still contains the Princess. If you don't have the Princess though, there are a lot of alternative options! (Will be discussed later)
My Deck

I. Cards:
Mortar: The superstar of this deck, your main win condition. Low DPS, but quite tanky for its cost. The thing I like about the Mortar compared to the X-bow is that it has the "Dead zone". If your opponent tries to kill the Mortar with ground troops, the Mortar will ignore the troops and will attack the tower, giving you some precious chip damage.
Bowler: The first main supporter of the Mortar. Pushing back light-medium troops, buying time for your Mortar to attack the tower.
Mini P.E.K.K.A: The second supporter of the Mortar, this little beast can tear apart everything, from the smallest Goblins to the heaviest Golems, this card will stop your opponent's attempt at destroying the Mortar. The Mini P.E.K.K.A is also a very good card on defense.
Guards: These little doots (With shield and extra calcium!) will stop your opponent's Mini P.E.K.K.A, which is very popular, and also works well against other troops. Awesome on defense as well.
Arrows: Minions and Minion Horde are two very popular cards, and if they get to your Mortar, Zapping them won't be enough. These arrows will blast through the Minions, as well as goblins and such.
Minion Horde: To be really honest with you, I don't know why I picked this card. But it's just too good. For 5 elixir, you get some beefy-ish Minions that can, and will, kill everything in it's way. Be it a Musketeer or a Giant, the Minion Horde will destroy, or at least severely damage it. Additionally, this decks misses a lot of Air-troops, this card will help balance this weakness.
Rocket: The finisher of this deck (Will be discussed later). The mighty Rocket packs a huge punch, and can destroy any support troops behind a tank. Better yet, if the support troop is on the back of the opponent's crown tower...Free damage!
Princess: A great support troops of this deck, the Princess can take out pesky Goblins, damage opponent's troops without standing too close to the Mortar, and can act as a secondary Mortar if the card is out of rotation. If you don't have a Princess though, there are other great alternatives, such as the Ice Wizard, Lumberjack.... Lol just kidding. Try replacing her with Tesla, Valkyrie, tanky cards to shield for the Mortar.
II. Replacement:

You can replaced Princess with Tesla
III. Strategy:

A mortar battle can be divided to two main phases:
1. Mortar siege:
This phase is all about placing your Mortar and protecting it. You can either go first or push the other lane. After your Mortar is down, protect it with all costs(Don't forget your towers though lol). Keep doing that until your opponent's tower health is down to about 2 or 1 rocket(s) away from destruction. Then we move the second phase:
2. Rocket siege:
Turn into defensive mode, protect your tower while making favorable trades. Use the elixir advantage to throw Rockets at your opponent's crown tower.
Optional: Spam emotes at them. It might make them rage quit
Jk don't do it, pls, I had enough of these, make the arena a better place pls
Infernoplex for sharing this deck with us, this deck first appeared in Clash Royale Community.
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