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Recommend New Meta Decks and Strategies for Arena 5-9


Battle Strategy
Our main objective during the first few minutes is to put down as many Elixir Collectors as possible. Why should we create this building fast? The answer is simple. We need elixir supply for our Golem push.
On Offence

Mini Pekka + Princess + Minions + Poison/Zap
Golem + Princess + Skeletons + Poison/Zap
Golem + Mini Pekka + Minions + Poison + Zap
Double Golem Push
On Defence
Miner + supporting troops – Mini pekka/Minions + Skeletons
Pekka + supporting troops – Golem + Poison + Princess
Knight + Three Musketeer – Poison + Skeletons + Zap
Freeze Hog – Mini Pekka + Skeletons
Minion Horde – Zap + Princess
Mini Pekka – Minions/Skeletons

Battle Strategy
In the beginning of the game, drop your Elixir Collector behind any of your crown towers as soon as your elixir hit 10 so that you have enough elixir to counter any move that your opponent will do. And when you have enough Elixir, drop Goblin Hut in the middle of your two arena towers.
In the middle part of the game, drop Golem with Witch follow behind and have Poison ready. Repeat the process and always make sure to have some spare elixir to counter any move of your opponent to wreck a tower of yours. In most cases, you can directly push a tower if no building cards are within the range that can distract your Golem.
Once the push has been done, this will be the deciding point wherein you will choose to aim for three crowns or just stick with the one crown victory technique.



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