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Recommend New Meta Decks and Strategies for Arena 5-9


If you don't have so many epic cards or legendary cards,  you can replace them according to the following options.

Dark Prince – Valkyrie
Prince – Bowler/Mini Pekka
Ice Wizard – Barbarians/Goblins
Ice Spirit – Freeze/Poison
Zap – Arrows/Fireball 
Princess – Archers/Spear Goblins/Minion Horde (Note: Princess’ area damage decreased by 25%, while Archers’ increased by 2%)
Battle Strategy
In the beginning, if your opponent doesn’t make offensive pushes, you should drop down as many pumps as possible to build up elixir advantage. Dark Prince can be used for defence. In the first 2 minutes, you should focus on defense and maybe several small pushes with Prince. During double elixir time, put down pekka behind the king Tower, and when it is about to cross the bridge drop double prince behind pekka.
On Offense
Dark Prince + Pekka + Prince + Ice Wizard + Princess
Pekka + Ice Spirit + Zap
Sneaky double lane push: Pekka + Princess and Double Prince
On Defense
Hog Rider/Golem/Giant push – Ice Wizard + Ice Spirit
Spawner Deck/Minion Horde – Princess
Royal Giant – Pekka + Ice Spirit/Zap
Three Musketeer – Dark Prince + Zap + Ice Spirit

Battle Strategy
At the start of the match, you wait for the elixir to fill up, and then drop P.E.K.K.A behind King Tower so you can easily get back the elixirs you have consumed. Once the PEKKA starts moving, put down Witch/Musketeer behind him when he is near the bridge. He would obliterate any low HP units that your enemy will put out.
If the push goes on and the P.E.K.K.A still has more than half of his health. Deploy a Rage spell once he is locked in a tower. Given his damage per second, he can easily damage the tower significantly. Hopefully, the tower's health is down to 1/3.
The key to victory lies once the double elixir time starts. Before that, you can play defensively

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