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Recommend New Meta Decks and Strategies for Arena 5-9

Hey guys, the Clash Royale August update went live now. Maybe you have already found you decks are not suitable for the current meta, so today I will share some decks that work well for Arena 5-9. 
Page 1 Giant Deck
Page 2 Lumberjack Deck
Page 3 Pekka Deck
Page 4 Golem Deck

Ice Spirit - Spear Goblins/Archers
Guards - Minions
Battle Strategy
Maybe you have noticed, I don't have too much air control. I only have Musketeer, Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit. What's more, I don’t have buildings to pull tankers. So if your opponent just keep pushing, and you do no damage to his/her Tower, then you cannot make the same mistake again. Most of the time, I prefer to star off with Giant + Guards + Musketeer.
On Offence

Mini Pekka + Fire Spirits + Poison/Zap
Giant + Musketeer + Ice Spirit + Guards + Fire Spirits + Zap/Poison
Giant + Musketeer/Mini Pekka + Fire Spirits/Ice Spirit + Guards +Zap
On Defence
Lava Hound + Miner – Musketeer + Mini Pekka + Zap/Ice Spirit
Giant Deck – Go to push another lane or Ice Spirit + Poison + Mini Pekka + Guards
Mini Pekka/Prince – Guards

Furnace – Canno/Tesla (Note: Furnace will surprise you during the double elixir time since it can be used for both defense and offence)
On Offence
Giant + Valkyrie + Witch/Musketeer + Poison
On Defense
Valkyrie + Fireball to deal with supporting troops
Goblins are mainly used to cycle the deck and distract Mini Pekka, Prince, Goblin Barrel and Minion Horde.
Furnace can spawn fire spirits to nerf enemies.

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