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Chaaaarge! Double Prince Deck & Guide for Arena 8-9

Hi guys, Bakalol here to share my double prince deck and guide. My current trophy high is 3501. My cards are barely tournament level and as I haven't seen anyone around my trophy range with comparably low level cards I took it as an incentive to create a guide for my deck.
The Deck

The Cards

Zap - You will mostly use this card to support your push in a reactive way but it is still very versatile and can be used on defense in any way possible. Very useful against any swarm troop.
Ice spirit - This card feels like a proactive zap to me, since you can just throw it behind your prince or mini pekka and it will make sure that your opponent either has his minions/gobs/mini P stunned and left to die or that he will have to play a tank first to soak up the ice spirit before playing his glass cannons. It can also be used to defend your EC against a miner if you placed the EC in front of your king tower and leaves minions on the same level with 1 shot to die, hence it's also useful on defense.
Mini Pekka - The meta troop that probably has a spot in almost every deck. Can defend very well against Giant, Hog, RG and Miner which is enough reason to put him in the deck already but he also needs 1 hit + 1-2 crown tower hits to take care of musketeers and (ice) wizards.
Elixir Collector - Great card for not commiting an offense but still using your elixir. If not damaged at all gives you +2 elixir in total which is always nice. Also makes the miner placement somewhat predictable and less threatening imo. Fits great into the deck as your opponent has to make the first move.
Guards - Those guys have been the MVPs in many matches while I haven't used them at all in some others. They defend well against any hard-hitting troop such as (mini) Pekka,Musketeer and prince, however these guys have a decent dps so you can also use them to help killing tanks. They aren't just a great card itself but they can also protect your Mini P for example while he is taking care of that giant and you dont want him to die to his mini pekka he just played. However on offense this card mostly does nothing as any troop + crown tower takes care of it.
Dark Prince - I often feel like this card is useless, when not paired up with the prince. It can deal with barbs and other swarm troops very well, if you're on defense or get supported by a princess and ice spirit/zap. You will usually want to see him in front of your Prince so he eats the hits from the mini pekka and tower and also deals with swarms without having the prince lose his charge.
Prince - The win condition of the deck. Has many counters but is very threatening if you are out of elixir and see him charging towards you. Has a decent DPS and I usually play him on defense to have him kill ~4-5 elixir while he is still half life to engage a counterpush. As opposed to other win conditions such as RG or hog this guy has more trouble dealing dmg to your opponents crown tower but he makes it harder for your opponent to gain a positive elixir trade when defending as he usually kills the defensive troops.
Princess - In this deck for a similar reason as EC - to stall and let your opponent make his first move. Very good on defense and sometimes and alternative win condition if your opponent runs a very defensive deck as she can usually shoot 1-2 times before being taken out. If you play her on defense against a miner deck make sure you don't play her too far in the back so she doesn't target the miner. Also in case you have princess and EC on your starting hand, make sure not to play the princess too close to your EC in case of poison.
How does this deck work?

This deck, especially when playing against higher level cards, is all about elixir advantage and counterpushing. In case your opponent defends very well against counterpushes it can also be used as a splitpush deck.
At the beginning of the game you usually want your pumps out. If your opponent doesn't start a push you have to defend against you should always play your lowest cost (except guards) card to find that pump. If he puts a very slow troop in the back I will usually wait until I have 10 elixir to place a prince on the opposite lane, if I think he would otherwise reach the slow troop on the opponents side. This makes sure that the push doesn't grow too big to defend.
When the push reaches your side you can throw everything against the push, even if it is overcommitting, since most of the cards synergise well with each other and most of the time build a formidable counterpush. If your opponent plays immediate threats such as Hog, Miner, RG on the bridge then you can just defend and add an Ice spirit to the counterpush and watch him make unfavourable trades. Eventually you will pump up enough to gain a complete elixir advantage that he cant defend against anymore.
Matchups that aren't mentioned above
There are decks that require a special playstyle against it that you can only know about if you have some practice against it. I will mention the ones that come to my mind right now.
As soon as you that your opponents runs one of these decks, try to gain a costant elixir advantage and don't commit too much. As soon as they play Lavahound/Gialoon rush the other side down with a double Prince combo or anything that is good at destroying towers. You will usually kill their towers faster than them you should still make sure to have your princess ready as soon as the lavahound dies to take care of the pups or in general to wear down that gialoon combo.
This is a tricky matchup. It is hard to develop a proper counterpush against the trifecta combo and with cannon, skellys and poison it often gets completely shut down. You will also have problems outvalueing your opponent as he can poison your ECs. Try playing an aggressive Princess on the bridge to force him to react. Zap skellys so he actually has to commit at least a musketeer so you can eventually catch him off guard.
If you can think of any other Archetypes that aren't mentioned nor explained in general just drop them in the comments and I will try to add them.

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