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Easy Trifecta Deck That Got Me 16 Straight 3 Crowns! No Legendary!

Hey guys, I think most of you must have played or met Trifecta deck. It is the best deck that can help f2p players climb to higher arena. Chief Pat used this deck on his second account and climbed to Arena 7 with a level 7 account. He also used this deck on his main account and got 16 straight 3 crowns! The most important thing of playing a deck is to master its advantage and disadvantage. So never give up if you lose several battles, just keep calm and have a rest. After the short break, check the replays, you will figure out the reason.  
My Deck

Battle Strategy
If possible, start off with Pump at the very back and keep putting down elixir collector to build up the elixir advantage. Or you can just drop Musketeer behind the King Tower, and then add Musketeer and Hog Rider to make a huge push.
On Offence
Valkyrie + Hog Rider + Fire Spirits + Poison/Zap
Valkyrie + Musketeer + Fire Spirits
Hog Rider + Fire Spirits + (Musketeer) + Zap
On Defence
Giant Push - Cannon + Valkyrie/Poison
Royal Giant Push – Cannon + Musketeer/Valkyrie
Hog Rider + RG Push – Cannon + Valkyrie + Zap
Check out the gameplay below

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