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Beat Higher Level Accounts with Lava Hound + Mini Pekka Deck

Hello guy, today I am going to share my Arena 8 deck with you guys. Most of you might think Lava Hound is the most useless legendary card since there are no much people using it. I just got it from a free chest. As a f2p player, I am excited about using Legendary card, so I build a strong Lava Hound deck with decent winrate! This deck helps me climb to Arena 8 from Arena. It’s amazing! You need to give it a try.

My Deck 

Battle Strategy
Whenever faces someone higher level, I always let them make first move just because they already have level advantage and I don’t want to give them defender advantage as well. The great thing for this deck is that we have a lot of defensive and offensive options without using Lava Hound, so I can use the legendary troop for double elixir period.
On Offense
Valkyrie + Musketeer
Valkyrie + Spear Goblins
Once you in double elixir time, send a Lava Hound and as soon as Lava Hound has distracted all the enemies, trying go on with Musketeer or a Mini Pekka and do some damage to the Tower
On Defence
Hog Rider/Royal Giant – Cannon/Mini Pekka + Fire Spirits
Minion Horde/Barbarians – Fire Spirits
Giant Beatdown – Cannon + Mini Pekka + Valkyrie + Fire Sprits
Check the gameplay video below.

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