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F2P Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7-8!

Hello guys. Many of you are asking about whether I can make a deck for Arena 8 without legendary cards and epic cards. So today, I am going share the f2p Royal Giant deck with you guys.
My Deck

It’s a low elixir deck which enables us to quickly cycle Royal Giant. We have great combos for offence and defence.
On Offence
Royal Giant is the core of this deck and other cards are used to support RG. There is an important battle strategy we need to know: If you know the enemy and know yourself, Victory will be guaranteed. So if we cannot make a huge push in the starting hand, we should wait patiently. Put down Goblins or Minions to learn what your opponent has in hand.
Of course, if we have Royal Giant + Bomber in the beginning, we can put down bomber behind the King Tower and then bridge drop Royal Giant as long as our elixir load up. After that, we can use Archers or Fireball to deal with flying troops; Ignore ranged troops like Ice Wizard, Wizard, Musketeer, etc so that when they cross the river, we can Fireball them all or just use Goblins/Minions to deal with them after they locking onto the Arena Tower!
Many players are using Inferno Tower or Bomb Tower in their decks, so if our first offensive push is blocked by this defensive building, we need to change our pushing strategy. We can use Royal Giant + Minions to deal with the defensively building.
On Offence

Giant + Sparky – When your opponent drop Sparky behind the King Tower, you can quickly bridge drop Royal Giant on another lane, and then when they are about to cross the river, put down Inferno Tower in the center. And then use Goblins + Zap to deal with the Sparky.
Miner + Hog – Goblins/Minions + Inferno Tower/Bomber
Lava Hound + Minion Horde – It’s hard to deal with them so the best way would be play offensively. When your opponent drop Lava Hound behind the King Tower, you can quickly bridge drop Royal Giant on another lane, then your opponent will use Mini Horde to deal with your RG. We can Zap them and then use Inferno Tower to distract Lava Hound and drop Archers behind Arena Tower to take out Lava Pups.
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