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Next Update: Legendary Cards Easier to Get & New Cards Added

After Finland's customary summer vacation, The Clash Royale team is now back to work and brings us more information about the next update.
Firstly, Supercell will make legendary cards more attainable for everyone. Basically as you know, the legendary card is very hard to get. You are at a huge disadvantage compared with someone who has legendaries. Hope you guys are happy about that, because I know most of you sitting around waiting for free legendaries. And not everyone can do it.
The next is about tournaments. Supercell announced that they will adjust tournaments a lot. Maybe they will change how tournaments will run. Players will be able to watch top players' live battles. Hopefully they will make the tournament easier for people to join in.
As for new cards and balance changes, Miner will get a nerf, The Log will get a buff. And Archers and Baby Dragon's DPS will be increased, according to
Also in the upcoming update, player may be allowed to change their name once agaian.


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