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Easy 3 Crowns With Very Powerful Lumberjack Deck

Hello guys, it‘s Wolfscar here to share the powerful Lumberjack deck with you. This deck works pretty well for me in Arena 9.

My Deck

Giant 7
Mini pekka 7
Lumberjack 2
Ice wiz 2
3 elixir minions 10
Fireball 7
Zap 10
Pump 6

Those are my card levels at the end and I'm sitting comfortably around 3300. Unfortunately, if you don't have the ice wiz, this deck won't work well. If you really want to, you can exchange it with archers or any air targeting troop, since this deck lacks a bit in air defense. Here's how to use the deck. 

Card Breakdown

Main tank, probably to most important card in the deck. Since this deck has problems with PPP, use the giant to distract while hitting them with other troops. Main tank of the push. 

Possibly the most important card in the current meta. Extremely versatile. Tank killer. Hog killer. Everyone knows how to use the MP.

Ice Wiz
Master control card. Takes care of any swarms and slows down any push the opponent makes. Good on offense as well.

This is still a sort of wild card since not many people have it and it doesn't have a definite spot in the meta. ALWAYS put the lumberjack behind the tank on a push. He deals excellent damage, so either your opponent deals with him first and he drops the rage on all your other troops or you opponent deals with his damage output and kills him later. He can also be used on defense because of his quick damage. 

3 Elixir Minions
An extremely versatile card and your best defense against air decks. Use on offense and defense alike. Easily one of the best cards in the game. 

High direct damage spell. Everyone knows how to use spells. If you don't, stop playing the game. Use as you see fit. 

In every single deck in the current meta. Use for resetting sparky, getting mini pekka to the tower, killing small troops, etc. A must-have. 

Extremely important. This deck doesn't work without it. Defend the pump with everything you've got. Don't let it die. Build up elixir and eventually overwhelm your opponent. 

How to use the deck

If you start with the pump, place it first. Mostly defend for the first minute and a half and make small half-pushes here and there. Make sure sure to capitalize on counterpushes often, but not all the time. Once there's about a minute and a half left, start your push with a giant in the back. The push you want to get to is a giant, mini pekka, lumberjack, and ice wiz. Support you push with spells and minions if you need to. 

I shared this deck with one of my friends and he's doing amazingly with it. Hope it does the same for you!

Thanks Wolfscar for sharing such an informative guide with us. This guide first appeared in
Clash Royale Community.

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