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Best Peeka Double Princes Deck and Strategy for Arena 7-9

Hello Clash Royale fans, I just got Pekka from a free chest. I’m sick of playing Hog Rider deck all the time, therefore I found several Pekka decks and tried them one by one. Finally, I came across Ash’s Pekka Double Princes deck with no legendary cards which fits me well. This amazing deck helps me to climb to Arena 8 from Arena 7.
Pekka Double Princes Deck

Archer – Ice Wizard/Princess
Battle Strategy
Like most Pekka deck, what you want to focus on is basically building up elixir advantage with the Elixir Collector, and then overwhelm your opponent with a ridiculous powerful combination.
In the beginning, I would like to put down elixir collector at the center or just drop Archers behind the King Tower to see what my opponent has in hand. If my opponent wants to play defensively, I will add Prince + Fire Spirits + Minions to make a huge push. Of course, the most powerful combination would be Dark Prince + Pekka + Prince, but I suggest that only drop the combo during double elixir time or when you have already had 2 elixir collectors.
Match up
Royal Giant: Prince (in the early stage) / Pekka (when you want to make a huge counter push)
Barbarians: Fireball
Hog Rider: Minions
Minion Horde: Archers/Fireball/Fire Spirits
Mini Pekka – Dark Prince + Archers
Check Ash’s gameplay video and learn more tips about how to play this deck.

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