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Climb to Arena 9 With Mortar Mauler Deck

Hey guys, we haven’t seen Mortar for a long time. Therefore today I am going to share a new Mortar deck with you guys. This deck was created by Woody and he uploaded the video footage on YouTube. It seems that the deck works pretty well for him in Arena 9.

My Deck 

Battle Strategy
If you have Mortar in the starting hand, just drop it. If you don’t have it, you can either put down Princess or Ice Wizard behind the King Tower.
On Defence
Mini Pekka – Tombstone
Prince – Tombstone
Guards – Tombstone/Ice Wizard
Hog Rider – Mini Pekka/ Tombstone
Miner – Princess
Furnace – Princess/ Tombstone
Miner + Minions – Mini Horde and after that you can add Miner to push the lane.
Royal Giant + supporting troops – Mini Pekka + Ice Wizard
Dark Princess + supporting troops – Ice Wizard + Tombstone  + Princess
Barbarians – Ice Wizard + Princess
On Offence
Miner + Minion Horde
Miner + Mini Pekka

Check the gameplay video below

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