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Miner + Furnace Deck for Tournaments with Video Footage and Analysis

Hey guys, today we have Bellator_Gaius here to share his Miner/Furnace Deck for Clash Royale Tournaments. He also uploaded the video footage on YouTube and wrote an informative analysis of his wins and losses.
Video used in this guide:


I'm obviously not perfect at the deck; I never use it on the ladder so all my practice comes from the one or two tournaments I've used it in. Still despite my inexperience this deck works very very well in the current tournament meta. I expect it to stay strong for around 1 month before falling out of the meta.
The deck is actually invented by one of the top Chinese clans. The
original decklist involved Miner/Furnace/Guards with a lot of variations. I believe the decklist I'm using right now is the most refined version that the Chinese clans are using. In fact, I believe using Princess or Ice Wizard in this deck might cause it to be weaker. I would recommend using the decklist above for tournaments. Obviously people have experimented on different variations and yielded good results, but for someone with no deck building skills sticking to the vanilla deck is probably for the best.
I'm not going to go through the cards individually. I'm going to tell you what to do and what not to do (through my losses).

Against Matt

Princess is the primary threat to your furnace. Your choice is to either Poison, Miner, or Musketeer it. Here the Poison got lucky and managed to get a lot of value. Don't ever try to capture an unoccupied Princess with an edge poison (meaning the Princess will leave the poison if she continues walking). It's a huge waste of elixir.
Nice Zap from Matt that eliminates my defense against the Mini P and allowing it to kill the Furnace much earlier than I wanted. You'll want to protect your Furnace dearly but don't be afraid to use it as a tank for your tower when need be. This is a cycle-burn deck and the name of the game is to chip more damage than your opponent. Stop damage to your towers as much as possible.
Musketeer is a great response to all 3 of the Payfecta legendaries. This card should be the standard response to Ice Wizard and Princess in this deck.

Your opponent may Miner your Furnace, and occasionally you'll want to do that when throwing away the Miner means a more fluid cycle. You should only defend against a Miner attacking your Furnace when a counterpush is possible.
Throw away spear goblins for a better cycle if need be. They deal good chip damage, and many opponents will defend against it because they know your deck is a cycle-burn deck.

Musketeer's long range allows it to snipe offense on the other lane and counterpush into the lane you want. Definitely do this if it's possible.

Spot for Miner to take no damage against the second tower.

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