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Hitting 4200 Trophies with Cannon + Poison + Miner Deck

Hey guys, today a Chinese player shared his Cannon + Miner + Poison deck with us and he explained how to use this deck to counter current meta.
Staying above 4200 trophies, he can hardly meet players whose accounts levels are lower than him. By watching replays for several times, he found the best way to use this deck.

Firstly, I would talk about the weakness of this deck. 1. Three Musketeer 2. Furnace + Miner

Compared with the traditional Miner + Guards + Furnace, I replace Furnace with Cannon and substitute Goblins for Guards so that the deck will be more flexible.
Compared with Furnace, Cannon is better in taking out Royal Giant and Hog Rider.
Compared with Guards, Goblins have higher DPS and faster movement speed.
The key of using this deck is that never drop Miner before you build up elixir advantage. There are 2 situations you can make positive trade: 1.Use Miner Team (Poison/Minions/Goblins/etc) to take out the supporting troops while doing damage to Arena Towers. 2. Play defensively first and then drop Miner to distract Arena Towers. Note: Don’t drop Poison blindly.
Match Ups

Poison + Hog Rider (Click here to check the Guide)
If your opponent is good at defence, he/she will build up elixir advantage by putting down pumps. So the best way to deal with the pump would be drop Miner to take it down when your opponent’s Valkyrie is cooldown. Then we can use Zap to deal with Skeletons, or use Poison to take out Musketeer. It would be a positive trade! If your opponent holds Valkyrie in hand, you can make a Mini Pekka + ZAP push (Zap for Skeletons). Don’t rush to make a push before your build up elixir advantage!
Giant + Balloon (Click here to check the Guide)
Drop Mini Pekka and Goblins to take out Giant as soon as they are going to cross the brige. And put down cannon in the center when they are 2.5 titles away from your Arena Tower. Basically, Giant will die before he can touch the Cannon. And then you can use Minions or Zap to deal with Balloon. You need to hold Mini Pekka + Goblins + Cannon in hand to deal with Giantloon deck.
Miner + Furnace (Click here to check the Guide)
It will be a little difficult to deal with it. The key is to hold Mini Pekka in hand to deal with Miner. Don’t make a miner push before your opponent putting down Furnace so that you can use Miner to take out the Furnace. Note: Never drop Princess near Goblins or Minions.

Three Musketeers Deck (Click here to check the Guide)
Most three musketeers users know when to sacrifice one tower for 3 crowns. If you opponent drops three Musketeers, you need to put down princess on another lane to do some damage and then drop Cannon in the center. And then drop Poison when they are about to cross the bridge.
Giant + Poison (Click here to check the Guide)
Just use Cannon to distract Giant and then leave it alone. As long as your princess and cannon are not being poisoned at the same time, it should be fine. Always use Mini Pekka to take out supporting troops first.
Champion Deck
1. You can sacrifice one tower for 3 crown wins. But it requires high accuracy.
2. You can restrain your opponent from building up elixir advantage by using Miner to deal with his/her pumps. And when your opponent drop Pekka behind the King Tower, you can push another lane with Minions + Miner and keep Goblins for defence, so that your opponents can not make a huge push with Pekka + Double Princes + Ice Wizard.
If your opponent drops double princes behind the King Tower, just put down cannon for defence. Note: Use cannon to deal with Dark Prince and Use Goblins to take out Prince. If you get wrong, then zap then to make them retarget.
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