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Best Arena 9 & Tournaments Decks (No Legendary Cards)

Hey guys, the most frequent questions I get asked all the time is what is the best deck to get to Legendary Arena and win Tournaments without using any Legendary cards. Therefore, today I am going to bring you 3 amazing decks without legendary cards.

#Deck 1

This deck does not utilize any Legendary cards. A common misconception is that the best deck needs to have a Legendary card, and that is not true at all. Adding a Legendary card to this deck won’t really make it any better. In the current tournament I’m playing in, which is a 1000 player tournament, the top player is using this same deck. And then we have many of the top level 13 players in the game using this same deck as well, without any Legendary cards. 

Click here to check the full guide.

#Deck 2

Very similar to the Hog Trifecta deck, but is slower paced. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like fast paced non-stop constant pressure decks like the Hog Trifecta, then you’re going to like this deck a lot more. 

#Deck 3

We have Fire Spirits and Charging Princes to bait Zap, and Goblin Barrel to then deal heavy damage. The Double Prince is so difficult to stop when you have all those Fire Spirits constantly spawning to protect you from threats such as Minions and Barbarians.

Check Ash's video below and learn how to play these decks.




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