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Clash Royal Tournament Features

The July update is live now. According to the official Clash Royale blogsite, the new Tournament mode will be unlocked once players completely download the update. 
Tournament will use tournament rules, just like in friendly battles. The trophy-ranking system will be separated from the players’ trophies. If you lose a battle in the tournament, you won’t lose your real trophies.
It’s free to join the tournament. However, It will cost Gems to make tournaments. There is an option to set a password for the tournament, which can be used to organize private tournaments. Note: If there are no matches in the tournament, the creator will get a gem refund.

Players can also leave one tournament and join a new one. However, progress will be lost from unfinished matches. Additionally, players who open Tournament Chests are disallowed from joining a new tournament. Short pauses between tournaments are necessary to avoid system fatigue.
Each Tournament will be hosted for a certain location. This makes the matchmaking better, faster and there will be more active spectators. The lengths of each Tournament ranges from 1 hour to 3 days. The players who rank in the top 50% will receive a prize. 

Cost of Hosting Tournaments

Cost Maximum Participants 1st Place Prize
500 Gems 50 Players 30 Cards
1000 Gems 80 Players 60 Cards
2000 Gems 120 Players 120 Cards
5000 Gems 200 Players 300 Cards
10000 Gems 300 Players 600 Cards
20000 Gems 500 Players 1200 Cards
50000 Gems 600 Players 3000 Cards
100000 Gems 800 Players 6000 Cards
250000 Gems 1000 Players 15000 Cards
New Achievements for Tournaments
The three new achievements are:
Tournament Rewards (for winning X amount of cards in Tournament play)
Tournament Host (for hosting X amount of Tournaments)
Tournament Player (for joining a Tournament)

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