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Two New Legendary Cards Coming and New Tournament Mode

Besides Ice Spirit and Bowler, Supercell unveiled more details about 2 new legendary cards that will arrive in the upcoming July update. Here is the breakdown of each card.

New Legendaries

The Log will be the first legendary spell card that does damage to all ground troops in the way. The card can be unlocked at Arena6.  At Level 1, the Log does roughly the same amount of damage as Level 9 Arrows (240 vs 243), but covering a larger radius while costing only 2 elixir. You should note that the Log is a spell, and therefore cannot be stopped or destroyed.

The second legendary card is Lumberjack, which can be unlocked at Arena 8. After he dies, he will leave a 8-second Rage which will give ally troops and buildings around his radius a 40% speed boost. Unlike rage spell, upgrading Lumberjack will only increase his hp and damage, not the rage effect.

New Tournament Mode

Tournament mode will be unlocked once a player’s reaches arena 8 with 2300 + trophies. Players in the same tournament are randomly matched up against each other and compete for Tournament trophies within the duration of tournament.  Unlike ladder play, winners in Tournament matches will always get more trophies than what the loser loses, so the overall trophy count will always continue to grow.  Final standings and rewards are determined by the final Tournament trophy totals.
Cost of Hosting Tournaments


Maximum Participants                

1st Place Prize                

500 Gems                

50 Players                

30 Cards                

1000 Gems                

80 Players                

60 Cards                

2000 Gems                

120 Players                

120 Cards                

5000 Gems                

200 Players                

300 Cards                

10000 Gems                

300 Players                

600 Cards                

20000 Gems                

500 Players                

1200 Cards                

50000 Gems                

600 Players                

3000 Cards                

100000 Gems                

800 Players                

6000 Cards                

250000 Gems                

1000 Players                

15000 Cards                


New Achievements for Tournaments
The three new achievements are:
Tournament Rewards (for winning X amount of cards in Tournament play)
Tournament Host (for hosting X amount of Tournaments)
Tournament Player (for joining a Tournament)

These new cards and new tournament modes are great to freshen up the game for those who play the game a lot. Hope you guys are lucky enough to get these cards ASAP. 


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