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Clash Royale July Update: New Arena Frozen Peak and 4 New Cards

Besides the card balance announced earlier, Supercell unveiled more info in the upcoming July update, including a new Arena Frozen Peak and 4 new cards.

New Arena Frozen Peak

It will be unlocked at 2300 trophies (aka the new Arena 8!)

4 new cards!

4 new cards will be added including Ice Spirit (common card), Bowler (epic card) and 2 new Legendary cards!

Let's take a closer look at the 2 already unveiled new cards.

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit is a common card and it only costs 1 elixir. It can freeze both troops and buildings for 2 seconds while dealing damages. Ice Spirit can also stop charging Prince.


If you play Clash of Clans, you would be familiar with Bowler. Bowler is an epic card, which costs 6 elixir. He deals splash damage with his globular rock, smashes everything on the straight light and push them back 1 tile (except charging Princes).

Other updates:

  • Before joining a Friendly Battle, you will be able to choice which Arena to fight in (from Arena 1 to the one you are currently in).
  • TV Royale button will be moved to the middle screen (Battle screen), meaning it will replace the old Training Button.
  • A sort button has been added to the Card Collection: Sort by Arena, Elixir cost or rarity!
  • Your player profile will show your last used Battle Deck from any battle, which won't necessarily be the one you've currently got selected. (Source from Reddit)

What do you think about the reveal? What the other two new legendary cards you think might be? Stay tuned for more update!

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