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The OP Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 4-7 in July Update

Supercell unveiled the upcoming balance change whcih will go live on July 4th. As you may already noticed that Goblin Barrel will get a buff with elixir cost reduced from 4 to 3, which is a big change for this card. With the 1 elixir decrease, your opponent won't have elixir trade value if they use Arrows to counter Goblin Barrel and they can be put in any corner of the map, baiting your opponent's AOE spells. So, what good Goblin Barrel decks we can use in the upcoming new version? Ash brought us two solid Goblin Barrel decks.

The first deck was created by Jordanny, who was once one of the highest ranked level 6 players in the world, using this deck with the Hog Rider and Goblin Barrel to pass 2600 trophies, as a level 6. This deck can be played in Arena 4-8. Just replace Zap with Arrows if you are in Arena 4.

Another deck is for a little big higher arena, which is a Royal Giant + Goblin Barrel deck.

To learn how to use the above two decks, make sure to watch Ash's video after the break:


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