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In-Game Tournaments Announced & Tournament Week Starting July 4th

The Clash Royale Tournament Mode has been teased for a long time. And finally on its official blog, Supercell revealed new features about the mode.
According to the post, the in-game tournament mode will help new players achieve exciting short or midterm goal. Using the Tournament Rules, the tournament will be based on location so that players can battle against nearby people. Also a closed matchmaking system will be applied in the tournament mode, which means each tournament has its own leaderboard.

The tournament is free to join. Players who placed in the top half of the tournament leaderborad will get a Tournament Chest. The winner of the largest Tournament will get a chest containing 15,000 cards! However, players cannot participate in other tournament while they are unlocking the tournament chest. Luckily, the tournament chest won’t take up regular chest slots.

Thanks Orange Juice for bringing us more details about the upcoming Tournaments.
Starting from July 4th, there'll be a bunch of awesome streamers broadcasting Clash Royale tournaments with HUGE in-game prizes!

Monday July 4th
8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Reversal
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Chief Pat
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Phonecats
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: Orange Juice
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: TheRumHam

Tuesday July 5th
8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Bootramp
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Orange Juice
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Thatsadmirable
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: WizRa
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: Godsonftw

Wednesday July 6th
8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Clashqueenamanda
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: MonsterDFace
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Galadon
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: ClashwithAsh
12am EST //06:00 CEST: Abrownbag

Thursday July 7th
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Cruecial
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Nickatnyte
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: Hyphonix
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: BenTimm1

Friday July 8th
8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Ash
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Koopatroopa787
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Phonecats
8pm EST // 02:00 CEST: Beaker
12am EST // 06:00 CEST: Clashongan

Saturday July 9th
8am EST // 14:00 CEST: Supyonamesjosh
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: TheGameHuntah
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: SuperMagicalCup
All day: Reddit MEGA Tournament qualifier

Sunday July 9th
12pm EST // 18:00 CEST: Streamer All-Star Tournament
4pm EST // 22:00 CEST: Reddit MEGA Top 64 Finals
Other language streams:

Monday July 4th
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Byviruzz (Spanish)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Vosketal (French)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Nery (Brazilian Portuguese)

Tuesday July 5th
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Alvaro845 (Spanish)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Vosketal (French)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Stratera (Turkish)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Gordinho (Brazilian Portuguese)

Wednesday July 6th
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: EclypsiaTV (French)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Gelliclash (Brazilian Portuguese)

Thursday July 7th
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Bfa_coc (French)
8pm BRT // 01:00 CEST: Brunoclash (Brazilian Portuguese)

Friday July 8th
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Lichtle (German)
2pm EST // 20:00 CEST: Stratera (Turkish)

Saturday July 9th
4pm BRT // 16:00 CEST: Brunoph (Brazilian Portuguese)

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