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Newbie Guide: Climb to Arena 5 in 7 Days

Nowadays, many level 6-7 players are stuck in arena 4-5 for a long time resulting in the terrible match making system for beginners. Actually if you use proper decks, it won’t be too hard for level 5 players to climb to arena 5/6. In order to provide useful decks to you guys. I registered second account to test these decks. I managed to get 1433 trophies with level 6 account.
Arena 4
#1 Giant Push Deck

Ignore the musketeer, it’s 4 elixir now.

Using Giant as a tank to protect Musketeer + Spear Goblins/Minions/Barbarians. Goblin Hut can be used for defence and offence.
If you don’t have Giant in hand, you should play defensively. Use Fireball to deal with Barbaians and Throw Arrows to take out Minion Horde.
Drop Giant and Goblin Hut in the same lane so that Giant can tank for these Goblins.
#2 Giant Skeleton + Bomber Deck

Drop Bomber behind Giant Skeleton to clear the way for him. Bomb Tower is the best defensive building to deal with spawner decks. Spear Goblins and Goblins are the most cost-effective cards that can be used for defence, offence and shuffling the deck.
Knight is the second tank in this deck. Mini pekka is the sneakiest card in CR. When your opponents use all elixir to deal with your Giant Skeleton, you can drop Mini pekka in another lane. Also it can be used to deal with Hog Rider/Valkyrie/Giant.
Arena 5

#3 Freeze + Balloon Deck

The deck is solely based on Balloon-Freeze combo. So you have to keep in mind that you have to make your balloon reach to the opponent tower along with clearing the threats. During the start of the game spawn your balloon at any side you want, try to place it as much close to the sidebar as possible, this helps to avoid the distraction of buildings. With balloon, spawn the goblins/fire spirits at the ground and also notice tour elixir flow cause once the balloon reaches the tower, you have to put the freeze spell over there. If you get successful in doing this properly, you’ll be able to take out the tower in one push. In case your opponent starts with heavy troops like Giant, Pekka, Golem, then place the tesla to clear out the threat and use fire spirits, minion horde or Barbs for hard defense. Always remember, Balloon is the key card in this deck so you have to cycle the cards to get it back again.
#4 Hog Rider + ZAP + Fireball Deck

Hog Rider + Skeletons/Goblins: if your opponents drop a defensive building in the middle of two Arena Towers, you need to make Hog Rider jump over the river to attack Arena Tower directly. After that, have your Fireball/Zap ready. Use Zap to counter hordes of troops, and have Fireball to counter Barbarians. Of course Fireball cannot take out Barbarian at the same level, but it can knock them back to win a few seconds for Hog Rider. And our Arena Tower can take out these Barbarians after they cross river. Minions and Barbarians are mainly used for defence.

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