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Best Lava Hound Deck and Strategy for Arena 7-8

Hello Clash Royale fans. Today I want to share a Lava Hound deck with you guys. I know many players have argued that Lava Hound is the worst legendary. But this deck pushed me to 3859 with 3/4/7/10.5 (old record 3600 with 2/4/7/10). Thanks a Chinese player for sharing this deck with us.

In Clash Royale, level 1 legendary card = level 9 common card = level 9 King Tower. From the data below, we know that level 1 Lava Pups need 2 shots from level 9 Arena Tower or 3 shots from level 9 King Tower. This means, it’s possible for you to push for 3 crown wins after you destroy your opponents’ arena tower. In conclusion, Lava Hound’s level decides your trophies.
Basically, level 1 Lava Hound will help you stay 3300-3400 where most players are level 9 account; level 2 Lava Hound will help you stay around 3600 where most players are level 10 account; and level 3 Lava Hound will help you stay 3800-4000 where most players are level 10-11 account.

My Deck
I only spent money to buy gold, and then used gold to buy legendary.

Card Analysis

Lava Hound
a) Flying troops
Advantage: It won’t be attacked by hard ground hitters like PEKKA, Barbarians, Mini PEKKA.
Weakness: It cannot tank for ground troops. Its hp is lower than Ground Tankers like Golem and Giant.

b)Two battle modes
Phase 1: a slow tank.
Phase 2: High dps “Minion Horde”, Lava Pups can do loads of damage if being ignored. The main point of this deck is in phase 2.
There are many high hp threats for Lava Hound, like Wizard/Ice Wizard/Princess/Musketeer/3 Musketeers. As long as these troops are next to elixir collector or two of them come together, Lighting is useful to deal with them.
A versatile card. The best supporting troop for Lava Hound during phase 1.
It’s perfect to deal with Hog Rider/Royal Giant.
Elixir Collector: It’s a cycle card to prevent terrible opening hand. Also it can be used to distract Royal Giant.
Ice Wizard:
It’s awesome in defense. Or if you don’t have any nice combo to begin with, just drop it behind your king tower.
Princess: Don’t drop princess alone.
Arrows: It can quickly take out Minions/Minion Horde/Princess.
Battle Strategy

1. Taking the advantage of flying tank, Lava Hound + Balloon can be used to deal with ground deck. In this situation, Balloon is the main dps and its level is quite important.
2. Lava Hound can easily take out lower level King Tower if you properly use phase 1&2. During the Phase 1, you just need to protect your Lava Hound.
Currently, having level 3 legendary cards is much easier than having level 5 epic cards. Because you can buy legendary card when you get to legendary arena, while upgrading certain epic cards takes a long time to collect enough cards.
Most of my epic cards are at level 4, rare cards at level 7, and common cards at level 10-11. I just bought Lava Hound from the Shop and finally had a level 3 Lava Hound.

1. The best timing to drop Lava Hound
It’s similar to Golem, Lava Hound needs supporting troops. Therefore, you can drop elixir collector in the beginning, or place Lava Hound at very back of your arena tower so that you will have enough elixir to make a huge push.

2. The best position to drop Lava Hound
Drop it at the lower left/right corner of the map so that Lava Pups won’t be attacked by two arena towers.

3. How to make a positive elixir trade
It’s impossible for Lava Hound to play defensively. The goal of this deck is to use least elixir to reduce damage. In most time, we will get 2:1 or 3:1 wins. It’s acceptable that we use 4 elixir to deal with 8 elixir push with our arena tower hp go down to 1500. After that we can use the extra 4 elixir to make Lava Hound + supporting troops push to get 3 crown wins.
Match ups

Ice Wizard:It’s the biggest threat to Lava Hound. If your opponents drop Ice Wizard in front of the arena tower, after it locks on to Lava Hound, you should quickly drop Minions to take it out. If Ice Wizard is next to Elixir Collector/Prince/Musketeer, throw Lightening on them.  
3 Musketeers/Musketeer: Similar to Ice Wizard. I will use Lighting to deal with it.
Wizard: It can quickly kill Lava Hound. Hold Lighting in hand.
Princess: Drop your own princess after your opponents’ prince locks on to your Lava Hound.
Minions/Minion Horde: Hold Arrows in hand.
Spear Goblins/Archers: Drop Princess/Ice Wizard/Minions to take them out.
Inferno Tower: Drop Mini PEKKA after your Lava Hound died. Or have Lighting in hand.

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