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Beginner Deck for Arena 1 - 5: The Effective Budget Swarm Deck

Looking for a low Arena deck to use in Clash Royale? Today's deck works perfectly in Arena 1 to Arena 5 and you'll probably get all those cards because there's only one epic card - Witch in this deck. Witch and Skeletons both got buffed in the latest May update so my little advice for players who stuck in Arena 3-5 is keep practice and don't chance decks often. Sometimes, it's not the deck's problem. You'll just need to play to the score to win the game.

Battle deck:

Card analysis:

Archers: She can target both air and ground troops and is good at dealing with troops like Baby Dragon but of course, you should place them down after Baby Dragon take your tank troop or Archer Tower as his target. After all, Archers have low HPs.

Bomber: It's perfect to use Bomber to counter swarm units, such as Skeleton Army or those tiny but high damage Goblins/Spear Goblins.

Giant: He is the strong tanker in this deck. Normally he can protect your following troops to push to your opponent's Archer Tower.

Goblins/Skeletons: The average elixir cost for this deck is only 3 so it's very effective. Goblins and Skeletons can use to surround big troops like Giant and they are also very good at distracting Prince, Mini Pekka.

Knight: Well, it's probably the most balanced card in Clash Royale. With only 3 elixir, he is good at lower Arena and can be used to soak damages sometimes.

Spear Goblins: No matter defense or offense, Spear Goblins are good at doing the job. They can also be used in the beginning of the game to feel out what cards your opponent has in hand.

Witch: The only epic card in this deck. She can cooperate with Giant/Knight/Spear Goblins to push forward with the Skeletons she keeps summoning. If you like to be more aggressive, you can use Prince to replace her.

Main Strategies:

Early game: it's very important for new players to learn to be patient because it needs time to collect elixir and you have to think how to use elixir effectively. For this deck, it would be better if you wait till you get 10 elixir so you can decide to attack or defense. If you decide to push forward, place Spear Goblins besides the King Tower and play Giant in front of them when they are near the bridge.

Mid game: in this stage, your opponent should already launch attack to your Archer Tower. Remember all the cards your opponent has and counter them. For how to counter every card, you can check out this detailed guide.

Late game: Keep Giant in front of Witch and other small units and then just push forward to get the win!

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