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Push to Legendary Arena With Insane Mortar Deck

Most players think Mortar is the most useless card since the May update. However, there are some players who stick to Mortar deck and successfully get to Legendary Arena. This deck is created by a Chinese player.

This Mortar deck can beat Hog Rider/Royal Giant decks easily. Now many people use Miner, if you drop Minions /Barbarians to finish off Miner, they might be quickly taken out by Arrows/Fireball, so I like Zap.

How to counter Royal Giant

1. If your opponents drop Royal Giant behind  their towers, you can place Mortar on another lane. In case you don’t have Mortar in hand, Barbarians can be placed behind your arena tower to take out Royal Giant or put Mini Horde in the middle of two Arena Tower to split them as soon as you hit 10 elixir.

2. If your opponents drop Royal Giant on the bridge, just place Cannon/Mortar a little bit close to the river (shown as below) as soon as he crosses the river. Note: Don’t drop Barbarians close to Cannon.

Battle Strategy:

Situation A: You can only play defensively if you don’t have Mortar in the opening hand. Wait until you hit 10 elixir. If your opponents drop Elixir Collector just Rocket it. After that just wait for the right time to drop Mortar.

Situation B: You get Mortar and Spear Goblins in the opening hand. Drop Spear Goblins behind your Arena Tower when you hit 10 elixir. Place Mortar when Spear goblins are about to cross the river.
Situation C:
If your opponents make a huge push with Giant + Balloon, you had better hold Cannon and Mini Horde/Spear Goblins in hand or you will lose the battle. Cannon should be dropped a little bit close to another lane (shown as below) so that Giant and Balloon can be separated. And then place Mini Horde to take Balloon down. But if your opponent place Giant behind King Tower in the beginning, just drop your Mortar in another lane.

Best position to drop Cannon (shown as above). Beefy tanker will be distracted and your Arena Tower will be safe.
In most cases, if my opponents drop beefy tanker behind King Tower, I will put Mortar in another lane. If necessary I will also put Spear Goblins to protect my Mortar during the deployment time. By doing so, my opponents will get into trouble because I have Mini Horde/Barbarians in hand to counter push and get Cannon to distract tanker.
Most of the time, you can only see level 1 Sparky, just rocket it. And most players prefer dropping Sparky behind King Tower. You can also do some damage to the Arena Tower at the same time.
Thanks for reading. 

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