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Best Deck for Arena 1 - 4: Get to 1100 Trophies Easily

Today's deck guide is pretty much for Clash Royale beginners, aka if you are looking for a solid deck to get to Arena 4 (1100 trophies) fast, then you have to give this deck a shot because it is quite budget with only one epic card in the deck. The only one epic card is Witch, which I think most of the players will get in the early game.

Battle deck:

Main strategy:

The main strategy is to use Giant as the tanker and place Witch and other small troops behind him. Bomb Tower is used to defend and it normally will make some elixir advantages against your opponent.

Key card analysis:

Giant is the main DPS also as a tanker in this deck. If you get him in your opening hand, put him down behind the King Tower so when he slowly moves on, you'll get a few more elixir. Witch should be placed behind Giant so the skeletons she summons will keep moving to support Giant. Good news is Witch and skeletons are both buffed in the May 18th update so it will make her a more solid card in this deck.

Bomb Tower is a solid and effective card in Arena 1 to 4. Although it has been nerfed in the last update, it is still effective in countering spammer or swarm decks. Also, it can distract Hog Rider or Balloon since it's a building. Skeletons is super effective in many ways due to its 1 elixir cost attribute. They can be used to distract troops like Pekka/Mini Pekka or Minions/Minion Horde.

Generally speaking, it is easy to play this deck and it should help you get to 1100 trophies without too many problems.
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