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Best Deck for New Players to Get Arena 4

If you just start playing Clash Royale for a while, the following guide is highly recommended to help you get to Arena 4.

In the early stage (Arena 1-2), I used the deck below, which gets me to 800 trophies when in level 2. Upgrading Goblins/Spear Goblins/Musketeer/Arrows is your best choices.(P.S. Counting from the first Silver Chest, the 12th chest must be Magical Chest. It’s recommended that open the Chest when you are in Arena 3/4.)
                              Ignore the 5 elixir Musketeer, it's 4 elixir now

From Arena 3, it is common that your opponents are at Level 4/5 or even Level 6. The gap makes it hard to win, so you had better focus on upgrading some certain cards level. Try to upgrade Common Cards to Level 4, Rare Cards to Level 2 while Epic Cards can just stay in Level 1.

The Deck I used in Arena 3
                      Ignore the 5 elixir Musketeer, it's 4 elixir now

Prince – Mini P.E.K.K.A
Spear Goblins - Archers

General Game Plan: When the battle begins, you need to get 10 Elixir first and place Giant behind King Tower. If you don’t have Giant in the first round, place low elixir cost troops, same behind King Tower.
Match ups:

1. Hut spam decks

This kind of deck is dominating at Arena 3 to Arena 4. If your opponent plays Huts in one lane in 10 Elixir, don’t hesitate to place troops on the other lane. When your Giant approaches your Arena Tower, put Witch behind. At this time, you are supposed to still have 2 Elixir, which should be used to defend if your opponent is causing threat in the lane.

If the threat is not that big, continue to place more troops in your offensive lane: Musketeers> Spear Goblins> Goblins. And Minions better be used to defend. Arrows should be played as soon as possible to clear swarms your opponent plays to kill your Giant, which is the key point to build your army. After taking down one of the enemy Archer Tower, next, you can choose to defend your vulnerable tower or continue to push the other lane.

2. Aggressive decks

The main key cards in such deck are Prince, Mini Pekka, Balloon, Goblin Barrel. For example, if your opponent plays Prince, after it crosses the bridge, put Goblins in the middle in front of your Archer Tower or place Witch in the front of your Archer Tower to distract Prince. Minions is a good answer to Balloon and Barbarians. If your opponent has Goblin Barrel in his deck, it's important you make a judgment in advance and use Arrows/Goblins/Spear Goblins to deal with Goblin Barrel so that your Tower can nearly be harmless.

3.Same decks as ours

As your card level is relatively low, so you need to take Elixir Advantage when your opponent uses the same decks. After his Giant crosses the bridge, put troops to clear its followers. Use Arrows to counter swarms, put Goblins besides his Witch or use them to distract Prince. Air troops used to counter Balloon, and use Giant to absorb damage brought by Bombers/Barbarians/Valkyrie. Don’t put your troops closely to prevent AOE damage. And in certain situation, you can even giving up defending your Archer Tower but instead, summoning all your troops to push back and sometimes, they will also take down your opponent's tower too. 
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