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Undefeated Miner Rocket Deck for Classic Challenges

Hello everybody! Enoma here. About me: I'm a fresh new level 12, thanks to my 55k donations, with a personal best of 4800+ and I won more than 24 thousands cards in challenges.
I'm here to talk about a deck I made a couple of days ago I'm very excited about. I won the last 72 games I played (6 whole classic challenges), without a single loss. I know classic challenges are much easier than grand ones, nonetheless I'm very happy about how I managed to beat many different kinds of decks and archetypes.
The deck is partially inspired by the one
/u/marcel_p used for the Battle Ram challenge, so credits to him. He also recently published an amazing video with an intense live battle to reach #1 in the world I really suggest everybody to watch.

The Deck
Dart Goblin
Electro Wizard
The Log

Card-by-card analysis and possible subs

Your main win condition. Send him alone for chip damage or use him to tank for your counterpush after a succesful defense. Be sure to diversify your Miner placement every time you play him: it will be much harder for your opponent to counter him. Check this old but gold OJ video about how to use and counter Miner if you haven't already.
Dart Goblin
This card is amazing, I feel like people still have to fully discover his strength. His main role in the deck is to deal a good amount of chip damage: with his fast speed and great range, your opponent needs to be fast and precise to counter him if you drop him at the bridge. He can also defend a push from the other lane, or from behind your towers. He's good to remove or damage pesky buildings (such as Furnace). Relevant OJ: how to use and counter this card.
I won't say much about the best card in the game right now: you all now his strenghts and weaknesses by now. His main role in this deck is to defend big pushes, especially with the help of Tornado. This video about that particular combo is really helpful - thanks again /u/yyarn.
Electro Wizard
With the recent buff, he's one of the best defensive card in the game. He shouldn't be underestimated on offense, though, especially because of his synergy with the Miner: he can dish out a lot of damage if left unchecked or if not properly countered. OJ again. /u/darchangels13 recently wrote an amazing strategy post about him, check it out.
My favourite building. For only 3 elixir it provides a stream of Skeletons and it pulls troops toward the center of your base. It's great against Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, Giant, Prince and much more. It also attracts The Log like no other building, and that can be really useful to make your Dart Goblin feel much safer.
The Log
One of the best spells, even after the little nerf. Not much more to say. Short OJ video.
I was skeptical about this card at first but I really changed my opinion over time. I now believe Tornado to be the best spell in the game. It's so versatile: it can completely counter a Hog Rider and activate your king tower without taking a single hit on your crown tower - this is just broken for a 3 elixir spell; its synergy with Executioner is just too OP to be true, you can stop 15+ Elixir pushes just with this properly played combo. You should really check out /u/coltonw83 's video about Tornado, he explains the exact tiles you need to play your Tornado to activate the king tower with many different troops, and much more.
Your secondary win condition. Don't be afraid to Rocket 4+ elixir troops or building near the crown tower as soon as you have the chance (it especially feels great when you blow up an Executioner), but be sure to keep this spell for Elixir Collector if your opponent uses it. If you have an elixir advantage, or if it's double elixir time and you're a few rockets away for the win feel free to Rocket 3 elixir troops alongside with the tower, too. Don't forget you can use Rocket on defense in case of emergency, or actually in any case you can make positive trades (for example if a big push with Giant, Electro Wizard, Executioner is coming down). Check out this hilarious video to discover how many rockets can break the bridge! - if you succesfully pull out this technique your opponent will often give up.
Possible subs
I love this deck as it is, but I do recognize it has two main weaknesses: the lack of cheap distraction troops and the lack of air troops. That's why you should consider these two cards to sub in: Ice Golem and Mega Minion or Minions.
Again, in my opinion you don't really need to make these changes, but if you want to you could take out Dart Goblin, Electro Wizard or The Log.
How to start the match and general gameplan
Ideally you want your opponent to make the first move, and then react properly:
If he starts with a 4+ elixir "rocketable" troop from the back or with an Elixir Collector and you have Rocket, use it. If you don't have Rocket you can apply pressure on the other lane with Miner or Dart Goblin (not both). Otherwise, just start from the back on the same lane with Executioner or Electro Wizard.
If he starts with a tank or a "non-rocketable" troop, apply pressure on the other lane with Miner or Dart Goblin. Otherwise start from the back with Executioner or Electro Wizard.
If he starts with a quick push with Miner or Hog Rider, defend properly. If you already have Tornado, you're a lucky man: activating the king tower so early can really give you a big advantage, especially against those kind of decks.
By following these suggestions you'll keep the control of the game in your hands. Your opponent will have to either waste elixir to defend your Miner/Dart Goblin or suffer a good amount of chip damage, and it will add up over the course of the game.
When his pushes will reach your side of the map, just use your amazing defensive tools to stop them: Executioner + Tornado, Tombstone, Electro Wizard. You can then exploit your surviving troops by sending the miner to tank for them.
Chip damage is the name of the game: everytime that the table resets and there are no troops on the field (or at the start of the game, if your opponent really doesn't want to play first), just send a lone Miner or a lone Dart Goblin to chip away the weaker tower. Your goal is to bring down a tower to 493 hp (a Rocket's damage) or lower, then you can start focusing on the other tower. If you don't have these cards in hand, as usual start from the back with Executioner or Electro Wizard.
Three small tips you may have already got:
During regular elixir time, never send together Miner and Dart Goblin for chip damage, especially if your opponent is starting a big push from the back on the other lane. They can easily mitigate the damage and you would be in a severe elixir disadvatage, with a push ready to cross the river. Generally speaking, never over commit. Keep confident that you can defend any push they throw at you, if you have enough elixir, and you can keep on grinding chip damage slowly but surely. Of course during double elixir time you can be more aggressive and send them both, especially if your opponent doesn't have The Log in hand.
With this deck you never want to play a proactive Tombstone, always a reactive Tombstone. It's not a beatdown a deck, it's a control - chip damage deck.
If you have both Miner and Dart Goblin and it's the right time to go for chip damage, which one is better? The answer is: it depends. Play the Miner if you want to keep your Dart Goblin in hand, he may help you on defense if a push is about to come. Play the Dart Goblin if you're confident you'll be able to defend without him - you'll also have the Miner ready for a counterpush.
That's about it. I hope you all enjoyed reading such a long post, I'm sure that if you decide to try out this deck you won't be disappointed.
Feel free to ask me any question, I'll be happy to answer.
Please forgive any mistake I could have made, English is not my mother tongue.

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